Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Review

The Whirlpool 25.3 cu.ft side by side fridge freezer is one of their more standard models and below you can read my impartial and comprehensive Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS review.

I’ve also included a tab above called Price Comparison – if you click this you will be able to find the best price Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS refrigerator and cheapest online deals available for this model should you choose to buy the stainless steel Whirlpool fridge – typically you should have to pay less than $1000 Dollars.

Read on for the full review of this model which gets 3 stars out of 5 from the Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website.

Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator Review Overview

This Whirlpool side by side refrigerator comes with quite a few good functions, and the most appealing ones are listed out below before I assess them all in my ED5FVGXWS Whirlpool Review. For a full list of functionality make sure you click on the Technical Spec tab shown above.

  • Electronic Ice & Water Dispenser with LCD Controls – Great for Cold Drinks
  • Dial Interior Temperature Controls – Set to Your Preference and Food Type
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified – Helps Save on Bills
  • PUR Water Filtration System – Crisp and Fresh Drinking Water
  • Full-Width Adjustable SpillGuard Glass Shelves – Easy to Clean and Remove

Design Quality of the Whirpool Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

Of all the Whirlpool refrigerator reviews this website has conducted, this is one of the better looking models as it comes in a superb stainless steel finish. Of course, having a nice looking stainless steel Whirlpool fridge freezer does have one downside, and that’s the fact that fingerprints marks can quickly develop on the exterior. However, if you find this to be a problem then there’s a handy guide on keeping stainless steel refrigerators clean elsewhere on the RR4U website.

It is a very quiet refrigerator and once you have installed it in your kitchen and let it settle for 24 hours you should experience little to no noise emanating from the ED5FVGXWS side by side model.

Comes with an External Water and Ice Dispenser

Continuing on with the external aspects to this Whirlpool side by side refrigerator review, you will find a handy water dispenser built into the left hand door exterior. This works using a PUR water filtration system and gives you ice cold water at the touch of a button.

You will need to replace the water filters on the Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS at least every six months, but replacement water filters are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased on the Amazon website for less than $30 Dollars – click here for full details.

The external dispenser also gives you ice at the touch of a button, and whilst the operation can be quite clunky sounding, it will give you the option to either have crushed or cubed ice which also helps if you have drinks that you want to cool down.

Cleverly there is a locking system included which means you can stop young kids from spilling ice and water all over the floor which will be appreciated by people who want to buy a kid-friendly refrigerator.

One negative aspect to the water and ice dispenser on the Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS refrigerator is that it does look a little bit cheap. It’s made from black plastic and isn’t as robust as you might want – but then this is a best price Whirlpool refrigerator at a very cheap deal so you can’t have everything I suppose.

Energy Efficient Whirlpool Refrigerator Review

In terms of saving you on household bills, the Whirlpool fridge certainly does its bit with a number of energy saving features. One aspect is the adaptive defrost system which monitors any build-up of frost and will then change the defrost time between cycles to fit.

Because the defrost function only comes on when it’s really needed, the Whirlpool stainless steel ED5FVGXWS will save on energy and your food should last longer as it won’t succumb to a common refrigeration problem on older models where freezer burn would damage frozen items.

In addition to this, the Whirlpool is said to use just 577 kilowatt hours on an annual basis so you should expect to pay on average $61 US Dollars in operating costs over a year.

Interior Design and Space in the Whirlpool Side by Side

Opening up the Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS stainless steel fridge holds no real surprises. It’s bright and airy and has all the storage functionality you would expect from a fridge freezer of this capacity. However, it doesn’t make as best use of the capacity and space inside as you might wish.

For example, the Whirlpool fridge uses traditional style light bulbs rather than more energy efficient small LED lights. When you take into consideration the guards that cover the lights inside, you are looking at space wastage of at least one cubic foot.

As well as this apparent waste of capacity, there are water channels towards the rear of the fridge unit that further inhibit the shelves from fitting flush all the way to the back of the interior. Whirlpool are usually very good at appliance design so this aspect is a disappointment and is why the review and ratings for this model are not as high as they could be.

Interior Storage Capacity of the 25.3 Cubic Foot Whirlpool

The storage aspects inside the stainless steel Whirlpool refrigerator are as follows:

  • 3 x Spill Guard Shelves
  • 1 x Crisper Drawer
  • 1 x Meat Drawer
  • 1 x Snack Drawer
  • 1 x Dairy Compartment
  • 3 x Door Storage Bins

In terms of total capacity of this very cheap stainless steel refrigerator you are offered a total of 25.3 cubic feet. The refrigerator aspect takes up just over 15 foot of this space, whilst the remaining 10 feet is inside the freezer section. This amount of refrigeration capacity is enough for a reasonably large family of five people and includes Spill Guard shelves.

Spill Guard Shelves Make Things Easier

The glass shelves are called spill proof because they have slightly upturned edges, meaning any liquids won’t run down into the rest of the fridge – instead you simply remove the shelf and pour any residue down the sink. There are three shelves in total and they can be slid out of the fridge should you need to access foods near the rear of the unit more easily.

Large Door Bins for Drinks Cartons

As with similar Whirlpool refrigerator ratings articles, this fridge freezer also includes clear and adjustable gallon sized door bins which are ample in space for storing large milk and fruit juice cartons.

Clear Crisper Drawer for Fruit and Vegetables

There’s also a crisper which is see-through plastic so you can see all your fruit and veg. However, unlike other cheap side by side refrigerators (for example see our Amana ASD2522WRB review) it does not let you adjust the humidity of the crisper drawer.

Freezer Section on the Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Review

This is a bottom freezer refrigerator and you will find the freezer section underneath the fridge area. Within the Whirlpool freezer you will find wire shelves (four in total), door bins (four), and a single slide out basket positioned near the top for all your commonly used items.

As mentioned earlier, the way the Whirlpool fridge freezer handles defrosting is quite unique and clever, but other than that the freezer section is very much standard at the is price – which is a refrigerator under $1000 dollars.

Controlling the Whirlpool Fridge Freezer

If you want to adjust any of the temperatures inside the fridge or freezer then you can do this using controls which are set into the back of the fridge section. This has its pros and cons, as being towards the rear and top means your kids can’t reach it and change the settings.

There are also lights which tell you when you will need to change the water filter.

A green light means that the filter is still ok to produce clean and fresh water, but if it turns yellow you will need to order a replacement filter (if you want to buy cheap Whirlpool filters then please see the link to Amazon earlier in this refrigerator review).

Conclusion: RR4U Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Refrigerator Review

This comes with a Whirlpool refrigerator ratings of a standard 3 stars out of 5 and here’s why: The Whirlpool fridge is never going to win any prizes for innovation. In terms of positive aspects, it’s energy efficient, quiet, and has enough capacity for most families.

However, the internal design aspects could have been a bit better and items like the black plastic water dispenser aren’t as high quality as possible.

But given the cheap and low price point available then this should be sufficient enough of a bargain in order to overlook some of the lesser aspects. Overall this is a cheap side by side refrigerator that will be good enough for modern living and a family of four to five people.

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