Where to buy TOTO CST744S-01 Drake toilet bowl- water saving eco brand

For those who are regulars , you know that we focus on industrial equipment. However today we are going to focus on something that we think is worth it to those who deal with industrial equipment. The topic of our post today should be of interest to you professionally and personally .
We are talking about one of the best toilet bowls that I have ever come across. The Toto Toilet bowl is not only great for homes but it is also important for those with companies and other construction related, large events venues. This toilet bowl is also great for homes.

Let us tell you why.
Two weeks ago, I accompanied one of my friends who is in construction. He was setting up a construction site after winning a contract from the State. When we went shopping to a major store, he asked for 12 Toto toilet bowls. When he was told that they did not have them in stock, and was given a run down of all the other models they had, he waved the store attendant off. He would only take Toto toilet bowls.
Back in the vehicle, as someone who is on the lookout for quality industrial products, I asked him why he was so focused on the Toto Bowls. He told me that for the 10 years that he had been in construction , he had tried at least 7 different types of toilets and none had performed anywhere near the Toto toilet bowls.

So here is the skinny from what he told me and what I gathered from additional research.

The Toto toilet comes in two parts- the tank and the and the bowl. It works by a jet flushing action .

“I’ve had one of these for about 6 years. Unlike other older toilets in the house, it has never needed a plunger or a double flush.”
Click here to read rest of this review.

Product Description
Color:Cotton, Trip Lever:Left Hand Trip Lever, Bolt Down Lid:Without Bolt Down Lid, Insulated Tank:Without Insulated Tank Dalton Toilet – 1.6GPF ADA Compliant Close Coupled Elongated Front Bowl and Tank Set, Less Seat Universal Height Chrome Toto has the Plated Trip Lever Gravity Flushing System. It weighs about 90 pounds. It is cotton white in color.

This is a power flusher – it will flush over 900 grams of solid waste. Many toilets will not flush even half of that. You can forget about your plunger or double flushing.

The Toto toilets cost about 50% less than other higher priced models, yet offer better performance.

It uses minimum water. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush compared to many other toilets which uses 6 or 7 gallons per flush.

It is easy to install and does not need much maintenance.My friend told me that when he installs Toto toilets he never has to worry about repairs, or maintenance costs or back ups. HE told me that that peace of mind was priceless.

In addition parts are available if anything breaks. Some other toilet bowls do not have parts available.

Customer reviews
When I went on Amazon to check customer reviews we found that it has 5 out of 5 stars rating which is a rare feat. Here is what some of the buyers had to say.
“Will flush ANYTHING. Quiet. Saves water and money. Easy to install. The independent MaP research rates this toilet’s flushing extremely high (900 grams of solid waste……I found that many toilets fail to flush even 250 grams).” Click here to read rest of this review.

“My plumber recommended this brand and model as a great value. It’s about half the price of other high-performance toilets, and it is the most reliable model he’s found. “ Click here to read rest of this review.

In conclusion we are making a claim we don’t usually make . Toto toilets are hands down the best toilet bowl in the market today. They cost you about half the other bowls, are more powerful flushers, use less water and repairs are available.

Where to buy

As usual we recommend buying from Amazon because they have lower prices than your local store.  to see the lowest price. They will also deliver them to your door , with free shipping. Their customer service is great – they will even ship you new parts before you ship a defective part back to them.

“For a 1.6 GPF unit, it works great…I can through my plunger away. You can really tell that there is a power gravity flush going on when you push the handle. I will be buying another for my second bath soon” to read rest of this review.

However we provide you with a list of the vendors who sell this toilet bowl for the lowest prices below. Feel free to choose any of them.

You can purchase this safe on Amazon. Click here to see if the safe is in stock.

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