What Are Some Of The Best Elongated Toilets?

Elongated toilets are preferred over round toilets because of the comfort and more “natural” feeling they have. There were tons of elongated toilets to choose from, more than 100 in total and many had outstanding feedback.

​There were a few models that really stood out above the rest and these were the ones that I decided to include in my list of the best elongated toilets. I read through the reviews for each product, compared prices, warranties and overall longevity of each model and came up with:

The Best Compact Elongated Toilet…

This 2403.128.020 Cadet 3 model from American Standard is a smart choice for one of the most important investments you’ll make for your bathroom.

This particular variant is the same as the 204.128, minus the built-in seat. The rest is all American Standard throughout, with the series’ trademark Cadet 3 flushing performance system and hygienic EverClean surface finish.

Independent tests show that the Cadet 3 is one of the handful of toilets that received the highest possible marks for performance, and is easily capable of handling a kilogram of solid waste in just one flush. With this outstanding performance comes reliability as well, with the Cadet 3’s “Smart gravity design” precisely engineered for fewer clogs, and less flushes to clear the toilet.

To make this near-clogless design possible, the Cadet 3 features fully glazed siphon pathway with no chokes and a larger diameter than other standard toilets out there. With an opening that can accommodate a mass more than 60 percent that the usual toilets can, the Cadet 3 clears most debris in one flush, and does so while using 20 percent less water.

American Standard fully backs this toilet’s features with a five-year warranty for everything in the box. It sits at a height perfect even for people with disabilities, and comes with a slow-close toilet seat in matching color and the same EverClean surface treatment.

Next, The Best Rated Elongated Toilet:

I’d definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking to outfit a bathroom for the taller people in your house. The elongated design of the CST744SL#01 Drake from TOTO sits taller than most, while remaining ADA compliant for wheelchair users.

This 2-piece set is a seatless variant, and comes in four other color choices, aside from Cotton White: Bone, Colonial White, Ebony (black), and Sedona Biege provide plenty of options to match most indoor settings.

The high-profile tank sits high from the rear seat of this toilet,and comes with a side-mounted Chrome trip lever. Like all other TOTO commodes, this unit also features the brand’s trademark G-Max flushing system, a design that cuts down water consumption to 1.6 gallons per flush. The manufacturer claims that this low water use is aided by a siphon jet flushing action, which it achieves even while remaining relatively quiet.

People who have installed this kit were impressed with the strong flush that comes with every push of the lever. Moreover, owners noticed how the powerful flush alleviates some of the need to clean the toilet as often. Aside from the performance, the standard height was a lot of help for taller people, or users who have to hop on from their wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Third, The Best One Piece Elongated Toilet…

This 2862.056.020 Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet from American Standard Body comes with the seat, and is a perfect unit for smaller bathrooms and for use by children.

This kit comes as one single piece, with the tank forming a single unit with the bowl itself. Installation of this commode is a breeze, just as I would expect from a one-piece set.

The whole assembly is made with vitreous china, glazed to a sheen for easy cleaning and resistance to mold and mildew. The tank is curved to accommodate the seat cover when up, and the user can lean back hitting the flush lever, which is sensibly mounted on the side.

Buyers who have used this model loved the way the tank refills quickly and silently, in seconds. The simple installation helps a lot – with everything plugged in out of the box, it’s just a matter of attaching the plumbing. Each tap of the chrome polished lever is set to use just enough water to finish the job, with few double flushing needed, if any. Amazon buyers should note that this kit is not for sale in California and Texas.

​Finally, The K-3609-0 from KOHLER:

The K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height from KOHLER comes as a two-piece set, and I find its non-traditional design to be a perfect fit for a contemporary bathroom.

The elongated bowl and Comfort Height design is perfect for taller users, as this unit sits higher than most commodes out there when installed.

K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height

Users will find that sitting on one of these offers an experience not much difference from sitting on a regular chair. Those who are heavy set will appreciate being able to easily sit down and stand up from this toilet, but they do have to remember to get a toilet seat since this set does not come with one.

Buyers appreciate having a comfortable toilet that’s easy on the eyes, and they got their money’s worth from the Cimarron. KOHLER’s water-saving design combined with their trademark Aquapiston canister flush valve design ensures that everything goes down in one press of the side-mounted chrome-finished lever.

Shipping and installation can be complicated, as this set comes in two heavy boxes, and you’ll have to get your own toilet seat,and your own tools, too. The end result, however, is a commode that’s attractive and easy on the hips at the same time.

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