TOTO Toilets Reviews

In selection of best toilet model Toto toilet reviews help you most. In the world of best toilets Toto has a good brand image. Toto is always well known for their best quality products. This reviews to help you in selection of best model of toilet. We will discuss in brief all main parameters which is necessary to consider while selection of best toilet which meets yours suitability. Toto has a number of best quality toilets like: DrakeDrake IIUltramaxUltramax IIAquia etc. Toto toilets designs are always liked by all age groups.

Why Toto Toilets Consider So Good

Toto toilets full fill all customer needs. Designs are user friendly. Toto toilets are easy to clean. Toto toilets users feel that product which they are using is especially made for them only. Toto toilets are loved by every user that’s why all consider this so good.

 For what Benefits Toto Toilets Like

This meets modern conservation requirements which are the main benefit of using Toto toilets. Toto Company more emphasize on water conservation while designing a new product. This improves life with a durable & reliable fixture. Various models availability helps you in finding a suitable model. With this particular manufacturer we can find even modern technique products as well as economical models.

 With Toto Toilets which Problems are seen

Main problem which we absorb is that of flapper. Not very well sealed which cause   water leakage in bowl which often increase water bill. In some toto models often G-Max fill valve problems occur that can intermittently stop & start. By replacement of some parts these both issue can be solved. These parts covered under the warranty.

 Easy Installation of Toto Toilet

12” standard rough-in (Distance between the behind wall & centre of outlet pipe) use by these toilets which is suitable for modern installation. Toto also have some models with 14” rough-in which is suitable for older home. In modern installation plumbing up is too easy for Toto toilets.

 Toto Toilet Prices

Toto toilets are available in low & high price range, depends on the type of model & features you are choosing. Basic models price starts from approximately at $250. Models with all advanced & automatic features priced above $2,000. The average price for a normal featured model is near about $400.

Best Toto Toilet

 The TOTO CST744SL Drake Toilet Toto Drake Toilet

This is elongated two piece toilet. This is mostly liked by people because of its low consumption of water. It has 3” wide flush valve for fast flushing. G-Max flushing system is used in these toilets for quite & powerful flushing. Computer designed trapway is best for flushing.

Vitreous China material is used which is famous for easy to clean. Water consumption is 1.6 gallon per flush which is less then old models of 3.5 GPF consumption. Large water surface of bowl help human waste to float without sticking on the bowl’s sides.

TOTO Drake Toilet got 4.6 star rating out of 5 stars in customer reviews from more than 126 customers on Amazon. We can purchase this from Amazon on price at just $300 & free shipping. Here is the link The TOTO Drake Toilet


Quite, Efficient, Powerful, Double Cyclone flushing system which cleans bowl and remove human waste completely & also save 20% water (1.28 gallon per flush) than 1.6 gallon per flush toilets.

SanaGloss which is Toto’s patented glaze is used in these toilets to make surface super smooth which results easy clean. Meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements by which everyone can sit on & get up comfortably without giving strain on the knees.

TOTO Drake II Toilet”got 4.5 star rating in customers’ reviews from more than 268 customers on Amazon. This is available on Amazon at just $328 & free shipping. To buy click on link The TOTO Drake II Toilet 

 The TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax ToiletToto Ultramax

Toto Ultramax is open front shape one piece toilet. It has sleek design. This is floor mounted & easy to install. It consumes only 1.6 gallon of water per flush hence it is better than old type of models. Rough-in 12” is used which is easy for modern installation.

Chrome plated trip lever make toilet’s look more attractive. In these toilets G-Max’s siphon jet is used for powerful flushing, therefore there is no need of multiple flush.

On customer’s reviews on Amazon “TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Toilet” got 4.5 stars rating from 5 stars. On Amazon this is available at just $501.39 & free shipping. To know more about this toilet and buy this toilet click on link The TOTO Ultramax Toilet

The TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet TOTO ULTRAMAX II

This toilet comes with WaterSense label. Means water consumes by this toilet is 1.28 gallon per flush & even than flushing is powerful. Because of this it is counted in best water saving toilets. The Double Cyclone flushing technique creates a forceful action that cleans the bowl & rim thoroughly with every use of flush. In this model rim is without holes, which is easy to clean.

Soft close seat included with this toilet. Toto’s SoftClose seat is with Comfortable Ergonomic Design, High Gloss Polypropylene & Molded Bumpers. Solid & high impact plastic is used for long life of seat. Soft close system lowers the seat down on the bowl quietly & gently.

On Amazon from toilet reviews of above then 148 customers “TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet “got 4.6 out of 5 stars rating in best rated toilets. This is available on Amazon at just $419 & free shipping. To buy this click on link TOTO Ultramax II Toilet

The TOTO CST412MF#01 Aquia ToiletTOTO AQUIA

This is two piece elongated toilet. It is with Dual Max flushing technique which means low consumption of water. Consumption of Water is 1.6gallon per flush for solid waste which is less then 3.5GPF models & 0.9 gallon per flush for liquid waste which is less then 1.6gpf.

Chrome push button creates attraction. Watersense certified assure that it conserves water. Vitreous China material is used which is easy to clean & have long life.

“TOTO Aquia Toilet” got 4.3 star rating out of 5 stars in toilet reviews of customers on Amazon. We can it from Amazon on price at just $394.95 & free shipping. Click on link  TOTO Aquia Toilet

Why We Do Toilets Review

Through this guide there should not be any doubt of having a best toilet. We discussed that why we prefer Toto? Which models are famous among people? What types of toilets are available? How we can differentiate a particular model according to our needs.

We think the above information collected by us will definitely help you in finding best toilet. If by mistake any important parameter we forget to mention in this Toto Toilets reviews then please write us. Your feedback is important to us.

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