Toto- Short, space saving, projection and water saving toilets

If you have small bathroom space, or simply want to reduce clutter – and if running a business- still want to meet government ADA codes ( Doc M in UK) relating to equal access for disabled individuals – then you may be interested in short projection toilets. These units are project a short distance away from the wail than regular standard toilets.
Some manufactures reduce overall projection by relying on wall mounted units, , create toilets than are round or square rather than the traditional oval shape , some combine the tank and bowl into one piece models etc.
These units comes in different designs and there are also traditional toilets designs which come in compact versions. They also come in various designs and styles such as stainless steel, porcelain, and colors.
For some home or apartments with small spaces and unusual configurations short projection toilets can make theme feel less cluttered as well as create illusion of more space.
One of our favorite toilet brands the Toto- which combines water efficiency and practicality- also has short projection toilets in the form of round design and also combines the tan and the bowl in the TOTO MS863113-11 Supreme Round One Piece Toilet, Colonial White.

The features few this toilet are

Good looking low profile one piece toilet
Power Gravity Flushing System which leads to a powerful but quiet flash
Fast Flush- It features a wider 3-Inch flush valve that is 25% larger than conventional 2-Inch flush valves
Wider, It has a wider 2-1/8-Inch fully glazed trapway
It measures 26-1/2-Inch in length the Bowl Rim height is 14-5/8-Inch the Seat has a height of 15-Inch the tank has a height 23-1/2-Inch and a width of 16-1/2-Inch.
Customer reviews.
This toilet gets very high ratings from verified customers on Amazon, a high 4.8 out of 5 stars.
Residentially, simply the best in the business. The strong flush also cleans any sediment left inside the fixture drain eliminating future clogging. Due to the strong flush, the installation manual also cautions with conditions on installing two Supreme toilets back-to-back. Click here to read more of this review.

I replaced a two piece toilet from 1973 with this guy and I have to say I’m very impressed. The only assembly was installing the quiet close seat. Overall I have to say that this is the best toilet I’ve installed and by far the most trouble-free. I highly recommend the one-piece!Click here to read more of this review.

a great toilet, uses little water and waste goes down easily. will buy another Toto when I replace my other toilets, highly recommend Click here to read more of this review.

Where to buy
As usual we recommend Amazon due to consistently low prices as well as great customer service in the rare case something goes wrong. They also have the best return policies in the market. However we have checked other vendors with low prices and list those as they are available at the bottom.

You can purchase this safe on Amazon. Click here to see if the safe is in stock.

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