Toto MS864114-01

Toilet comfort is a big consideration hen buying bath and toilets items. An elongated toilet is one which has a larger bowl which provides greater comfort at and seating area. Typically the elongated toilet has about 2 inches large in circumference that the regular standard toilet. It has on oval shapes bit does take more space than the regular round toilets.

The sides of the seat hold up the upper thing area and therefore are quite comfortable . Note that if space was to be added but the shape remain circular this would not provide added support and indeed users could all right in!
The elongated seats come in regular height ( about 15 inches) .However they also come in height compliant with ADA government codes or luxury ( 16.5 to 19 inches) .
You can find the elongated toilets in both one piece or two piece ( tank and bowl) . With one piece you never have to worry about the connection between the bowls and the tank and the potential leaks associated with that .
The elongated seat design makes it easy to clean as there is no crevice in between the bowl and the tank as it is with other models.
With the two piece toilets, the two parts are connected by rubber gaskets and the tank is fastened to the bowl with nuts and bolts.
Those who know us know that we like and highly recommend the Toto Toilets. They are powerful and yet use very little water(6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf). They are also well priced and are simply the best in their price range 0- in our best estimation
For an elongated toilet we recommend the TOTO MS864114-01 Supreme Elongated One Piece Toilet, Cotton White.

The features of this toilet are

Power Gravity: It has a great punch in terms of powerful but very quiet flashing.
It has a very fast flash due to the 3 inch flush valve ( regular flush valves are 2 inches) .
They are wider 2-1/8-Inch with a fully glazed trapway
The water surface is large.

Its length is h 28-Inch, the Bowl Rim height is 14-5/8-Inch, the seat height is 15-Inch, the Tank height is 23-1/2-Inch, and its width is 16-1/2-Inch.

One of the things we like about this toilet is that its seat does not slam due to the well designed d hinge system which lower it slowly.
Installation of the top tightenining mounting bolts is easy.

Customer reviews

This seats get 4.8 out of 5 stars from verified Amazon buyers .
”I replaced a two piece toilet from 1973 with this guy and I have to say I’m very impressed. ” Click here to read the rest of this verified review.

“ The soft close lid and seat does effectively eliminate slamming. ” Click here to read the rest of this verified review.

“ It is well constructed, functions perfectly and has a very clean, low-profile look. ” Click here to read the rest of this verified review.

Where to buy
As usual we recommend buying from Amazon. They usually have lowest prices, sometimes half what you pay at your local store. They also have great return policies. However we also search around and find all other vendors who have low prices and list them at the bottom to ensure that you get the best deal.

You can purchase this safe on Amazon. Click here to see if the safe is in stock.

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