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The Toto MS854114 isn’t a single toilet but a whole line of models with much in common. Which one, if any, is best for your home? To answer that, let’s take a look at the most basic features and then see what options or variations different models offer.

One-Piece Elongated Design

Elongated design. At first glance the basic MS854114 looks pretty much like that – basic. But there’s more here than meets the eye. That starts with an elongated bowl.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that this style is becoming more popular all the time. It offers greater comfort to many, more room for those a little big in the rear, and a more secure opening for boys or men who might have some difficulty aiming. Those aren’t pleasant topics to discuss but – for reasons of health or simply lifestyle – they’re values to consider.

The elongated bowl toilet is being adopted more and more for another reason: style. Lots of buyers find that its more slender proportions fit in well with their decorating plans. If you’ve got a bathroom to remodel, especially one where the space might be a little constrained, the MS854114 can be a great choice.

One-piece design. A two-piece toilet has the more traditional separation – and the more traditional added difficulty of keeping the toilet clean. Not here.

The Toto MS854114 is a one-piece toilet. There’s no seam between the tank and the base. It’s a continuous piece of vitreous china. That means one less place where mold and other material tends to accumulate. This model stays cleaner and is easier to clean when you finally have to get around to that.

G-Max Flushing System. In the practical category it would be hard to beat the Toto Power Gravity system. I have an aversion to marketing buzzphrases but I can’t complain about this one. It offers just what it says: heavy-duty flushing power provided solely by gravity.

Some other models use various kinds of power assist to provide extra oomph to flush material. This one does a fine job without any of that extra technology. After all, in some models, that mechanism can potentially be just something else to repair later on down the road.

One of the reasons for that forceful flush is something the company calls G-Max. Here again they’re straying into buzzword territory but avoid it by actually delivering the goods. G-Max consists of an extra-wide 3″ flush valve combined with a 2 1/8″ trapway.

That latter spec isn’t the largest available on the market by any stretch. That design in combination with a powerful siphon jet offers increased flow, allowing water to get into the toilet more quickly and to exit more forcefully to prevent clogging.

Single Flush 1.6 GPF. Despite that power, the MS854114 is pretty thrifty with water. Like so many toilets today, it uses only 1.6 GPF. Some sub-models (see below) use even less: 1.28 GPF. That’s not the lowest possible, but it’s a far cry from older models that are still commonly found in some homes. They typically used five gallons or more.

At the same time, for all that push, it’s pretty quiet. Most contemporary designs do a good job of balancing flushing force with noise but the MS854114 is at the top of the line in this area. It fills pretty softly, too, and pretty quick.

SoftClose Seat. Rounding out the nice features here is the Toto SoftClose seat. If you’re like me you have an unpleasant habit of getting distracted and letting the toilet seat slam once too often. Even though I caused it, I jump out of my skin every time that happens.

The SoftClose is a terrific solution, a real sanity saver. The hinge makes sure I never have to worry about that horrific noise again. If you have that same problem, check to make sure the model you buy has this feature.


MS854114SG – SanaGloss. My favorite of all the available sub-models is the MS854114SG, the SanaGloss option. Toto developed a special ceramic coating to help things go down smoother and more completely.

All toilets leave some, usually microscopic, amount of residue in the toilet. Even if they didn’t, the moisture on the interior would alone provide a medium for growth. Any toilet not maintained will accumulate mold, bacteria, and so forth. Over time, that builds up until you absolutely have to clean the toilet to restore hygiene and a good appearance.

The key is how much time is “over time”. The less left behind the healthier and better-looking things stay longer. The more resistant a toilet surface is to that natural growth, the better. Both mean a cleaner environment and longer intervals between the dreaded necessity of cleaning the toilet.

The SanaGloss option means less or no streaking and a more sanitary toilet. That’s a marketing term well earned.

MS854114SL – ADA Compliant. I can’t quite figure out what the SL is supposed to indicate in the model name of the MS854114SL. Fortunately, there’s no mystery about what the sub-model offers or how well it works.

This unit has the same basic features as the rest of the line but adds an ADA-compliant height to the mix. That’s a great benefit for the elderly or infirm. If you have trouble getting on or off the toilet, this is a fine option.

And, a taller seat height will be appreciated not just by those with ongoing health problems but pregnant women, super-tall guys, or just anyone who wants a higher profile for the toilet.

MS854114E – Eco UltraMax. The MS854114E provides a nice variation on the G-Max flushing system – the E-Max system. Instead of 1.6 GPF it uses only 1.28 GPF.

That ultra-low flushing amount provides the optimum in water conservation available in a regular home toilet today. That helps keep your utility cost lower and conserves that all-important resource overall.

Like many Toto models in the MS854114 line, it comes in several varieties, too. The MS854114EG, for example, adds the ceramic SanaGloss coating. The MS854114EL offers the ADA compliant height of that model. The MS854114ELR moves the trip lever to the right side of the toilet.

MS853113 – Round Bowl. The Toto MS853113 line has the same basic features of the MS854114. It’s the same one-piece single flush 1.6 GPF toilet featuring Toto’s G-Max Flushing System and a SoftClose seat. The only difference is that the MS853113 comes with a more traditional-looking round bowl.

Like the MS854114, the MS853113 has a number of sub-models, too: the Toto Eco UltraMax MS853113E for example, uses only 1.28 GPF instead of the 1.6 GPF in the basic model.


The MS854114 and MS853113 line of toilets offer good function, decent styling, and optional features that are likely to satisfy a very wide variety of buyers. Just be sure to consider carefully which sub-model suits you best.

All of these models come in a number of different colors: Cotton White, Colonial White, Bone and Sedona Beige. Each option adds a qualifier to the model number – respectively #01, #11, #03 and #12.

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