The TOTO Ultramax II MS604114CEFG toilet offers efficiency, comfort, and a great esthetic design. It’s practical and good looking in the bathroom. That description pretty much covers the gamut of values you’re looking for when it comes to replace an appliance that most people, reasonably, don’t want to think much about.

One-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Toilet

One-Piece. The MS604114CEFG is a one-piece toilet. That means there’s no seam between the tank and the base. That reduces places for mold, mildew, and material to build up. The result is a toilet that’s inherently more hygienic and much easier to keep clean. Of course, the main reason for that clean, healthy glow is due to the special glazing and great flushing design.

1.28 GPF HET. Like a great many other models these days, the Ultramax II is a high-efficiency toilet (HET). That means it flushes a lot of material thoroughly and cleanly, leaving no residue, yet requires very little water to do so.

“Very little water” means it uses just 1.28 gallons per flush to produce that clean result. That conservative amount earns this toilet the WaterSense label. More importantly, it ensures that you save on your water bill. Even contemporary low-flow toilets typically use 1.6 GPF. Older toilets, made pre-1994, typically use more than double that.

Since up to 30% of domestic water use in the average home is from flushing, that adds up. For the average family of four, that equals 7,000 gallons of water saved per year beyond the 1.6 GPF models, which are pretty thrifty with water already.

You can look at your personal utility rate and do some simple arithmetic to see how that comes to a serious chunk of change, especially when you sum it over the lifetime of a toilet. If you live in an area where your utility offers a rebate program you can save even more money.

SanaGloss. This toilet comes with a special glazing, something TOTO calls SanaGloss. This smooth, super-hard ceramic glazing makes it much more difficult for residue to reside on the bowl after a flush. It stays cleaner and healthier because organisms have less chance to stick around on the moist interior.

ADA compliant. The MS604114CEFG also qualifies for another government label: the toilet is ADA compliant. I’m not a fan of government labeling in general but here it has a useful meaning. The Ultramax II offers a height of 16 1/8″ at the rim (17 1/4″ with seat). That’s a level that many will find just right, especially the elderly or infirm who might have a little trouble getting up and down.

SoftClose Seat. One nice aspect of this model is what it includes besides the base toilet: the seat. Many models offer a fine unit but leave you on your own to pick out that essential part. The MS604114CEFG includes a SoftClose seat design, a nice toilet technology that is becoming more common in contemporary designs. No more accidentally slamming the cover down!

Variety of Finishes. The MS604114CEFG comes in a variety of finishes: Cotton White (MS604114CEFG-01), Bone (MS604114CEFG-03), Colonial White (MS604114CEFG-11) and Sedonia Beige (MS604114CEFG-12).

Double Cyclone Flush Engine

The Ultramax II can achieve the above mentioned clean, thorough result because it has TOTO’s proprietary Double Cyclone Flush Engine. Sure, the phrase sounds like so much marketing-speak. But here it has a valid meaning.

Two high-power nozzles create a centrifugal force around the rim and throughout the bowl to provide a very strong flow. They have an inherently good pressure (8 PSI) but the centrifugal motion, and a high-powered siphon, amplify the effect.

Yet there are no holes in the rim. In older, traditional designs those holes act as channels for the water. Here, the dual jets – one located behind the other, which fire one after the other – provide the flow instead.

The specific result is an absence of those tiny yellow circles that invariably require extra effort to clean and a lower, slower buildup of material. In addition, the rim itself is curved in a way different from the older designs. There’s simply less chance for bacteria and mildew to get trapped. The overall result of the design is a toilet that’s much easier to keep clean in general and healthier all the time.

Yet, for all that cleaning and disposal power, the Ultramax II isn’t particularly loud. Some HETs sound like a jet taking off in the bathroom. This HET is ultra-quiet. For sure, you can hear it but the whoosh isn’t at all annoying. One reason is that, even though it’s an HET, it’s still a gravity-fed model, not a pressure-assist unit.

Optional Models

The Ultramax II is actually more than one model, however. The MS604114CEFG has 2 other cousins: the MS604114CEF and the MS604114CEFRG.

Both have the same base features. The MS604114CEFRG comes in the same finishes and has the trip lever (the flush handle) on the right-hand side, hence the letter R in the model number.

The MS604114CEF lacks the SanaGloss glazing – hence the modelname without the letter G – and is only available in an Ebony finish (MS604114CEF-51).


The TOTO Ultramax II toilet (MS604114CEF, MS604114CEFG, or MS604114CEFRG) is a one-piece, gravity-fed, HET (1.28 GPF) model. But that plain description really doesn’t capture the important points: superb flushing and cleaning characteristics in a stylish, elongated design. It also doesn’t hurt that it will also save you a fair amount of money on your water bill.

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