I confess I have a fondness for toilets. As an interior designer I like to choose the best I can find to complement the décor my client prefers and that suits a particular room best. Unfortunately, I also confess I’m not that fond of the TOTO CT418F or TOTO CT418FG.

It’s not that either toilet model is really bad. They’re just a little boring. If that doesn’t matter to you so much, read on.

Basic Features

The TOTO CT418F (and its cousin, the CT418FG, about which more below) is a wall-mount toilet that weighs 65 lbs and measures 21″ x 14.2″ x 15″.

Normally, even those plain specs would increase my pulse rate. A wall-mount model is, after all, an ideal choice for so many in the market for a new toilet. If you have limited space in the bathroom they can really help out. You can clean easily underneath and around them. And, they’re an excellent choice for those with physical limitations that make getting up and down a challenge since they can be mounted at various heights.

In this case, my reaction is largely “meh”. Ok, that’s a personal preference and you might see the CT418F as just the thing, and very reasonably so. But for a wall-mount, I would like to see something a little lighter. Even more importantly, I’d like to see something with a little more style. Like I said, that reaction is individual, but it’s mine. You judge accordingly.

My reaction has some objective basis, though, at least in the area of style. The range of colors is too limited. There’s White and Sedona Beige.

True, those are popular shades and will suit a large number of bathrooms. But, like me, my clients have an array of tastes and a wide variety of bathroom motifs already in place. They prefer to fit the toilet to the room, not the other way around. Without black, green, blue, more shades of brown, those choices are just a little too restricted.

Dual Flush: 1.6 GPF – 0.9 GPF

Still, if you examine the TOTO CT418F solely from the perspective of functionality it would be a little unreasonable to complain.

First, there’s the TOTO quality. There’s no denying that this toilet manufacturer has some of the best – i.e. most reliable – models around and this one is no exception. You can expect zero problems with this one in doing the job for which it was designed. No jams, no need to get out the plunger ever. No broken parts to replace.

Sure, every company makes a lemon from time to time and any family can overload a toilet. But with normal use you’ll get exceptional function with this unit.

Then there’s the flushing system itself. This is a low water-consumption design, and it features a nifty dual-flush option. You can work it at 1.6 GPF (6.0 LPF) or as low as 0.9 GPF (3.0 LPF). At that lower level, the CT418F clearly qualifies for the WaterSense label, an EPA program that manufacturers often strive to satisfy. They get favorable treatment and happy customers when they do. It’s also CalGreen compliant, for those who live in the more restrictive California.

Typically, one button is used when there is only liquid waste to remove and it’s safe to save water. The second button supplies the larger amount.

Unlike low-flush toilets of the past, you won’t be unhappy from the toilet failing to get rid of every speck of waste, either. Despite that supreme water-saving conservation this new technology keeps things moving, and does so cleanly without multiple flushes.

This model can be paired with the TOTO in-wall tank system, too. Matching components from the same company is generally a good idea and, luckily, there’s no compromise when doing so in this case. Like other TOTO products, this thing works well.

TOTO CT418FG = CT418F + SanaGloss

There is one practical drawback in the CT418F model that’s of medium importance. It lacks the superb SanaGloss finish of many TOTO toilets.

That feature is a special coating that ensures the absolute minimum maintenance. The surface minimizes residue retention or bacterial growth. Those are the villains that generate much of the cleaning effort required with ordinary toilets.

Well, sadly, in this one respect, the CT418F is ordinary.

Happily, there is a model that has all the features of the CT418F but does come with the SanaGloss coating: the TOTO CT418FG. Its unique ceramic glaze prevents the accumulation of debris that limits the value of the other model. It creates an environment that is decidedly unfriendly to mold, so there are fewer occasions when you need to remove it.

That has a nice side benefit for those who are concerned about harsh chemicals in the bathroom or are just sensitive to them. Because the toilet doesn’t require cleaning so often or so thoroughly in order to stay maximally sanitary, you don’t have to use those cleaning solutions much.

True, this unit comes only in the same pair of bland colors. But if you look at the Amazon reviews you’ll see there are plenty of reasonable people who are perfectly ok with that. And, they like the overall look, too. That’s fine. Different preferences make the world go ’round.


With either model, installing a wall-mount toilet is a little more difficult than the traditional floor-sitting unit. Many will want a professional to do the job, so factor that into the total cost. Fortunately, this pair of models is very modestly priced for this niche so you can probably afford a pro to help out. If not, the process is certainly within the capabilities of any competent do-it-yourselfer.


The TOTO CT418F or TOTO CT418FG would not be my first choice for a wall-mount toilet. The style and color limitations just don’t get my blood racing. Still, given the absence of the usual tank and the consequent space-saving design, that might very well be an unreasonable prejudice on my part. Let your taste be your guide. It certainly will function extremely well in any bathroom.

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