The TOTO Drake CST744S is sometimes advertised as “an award-winning toilet”. Sure, it’s hard to imagine a toilet – any toilet – getting an award, but I guess there’s one for everything these days. The more important question is: does it deserve it?

Two-Piece Elongated Design

The Drake CST744S is a two-piece elongated design.

Elongated design. “Elongated” means the bowl is more oval, providing a longer seat and more room to avoid ‘accidents’. The elderly and infirm will find that a particular benefit. With a larger area it’s less likely for men standing to miss, a topic not mentioned often in polite company but a sad reality for some. That longer seat is often more comfortable, too, especially for individuals a little larger than average in a way that also usually isn’t discussed in “better social circles”.

Two-piece design. Unfortunately, the benefits of that elongated design are offset somewhat by the two-piece aspect. A one-piece toilet has no seam between the tank and bowl. The two-piece has the more traditional separation – and the more traditional added difficulty of keeping the toilet clean. It provides a place for mildew, grime, and other common bathroom material to accumulate.

However, the CST744S more than makes up for that minor drawback with an array of fine contemporary values.

G-Max Flushing System

One primary reason for the Drake’s excellent performance is the G-Max Flushing System. That looks at first blush like nothing more than a nice-sounding marketing description. Real-world use shows that it’s earned in this case.

That means a 3″ wide flushing valve. That’s a third bigger than the conventional 2″ valve, showing that the phrase is right on the money. The CST744S also incorporates a fully-glazed 2 1/8″ trapway – considerably smaller than the powerhouse models that feature 3″ trapways, but still 1/8″ larger than the standard 2″. So, not stellar, but better than average.

That design in combination with a powerful siphon jet offers increased flow, allowing water to get into the toilet more quickly and to exit more forcefully to prevent clogging. Even though it’s a gravity-fed design only, not a pressure-assist, it can still remove just about anything smaller than the trapway.

Independent MaP (Maximum Performance) research rates this model for up to 900 grams. For sure, no one but a doctor weighs waste matter. But watch a video of one of these contemporary models dispose of a 100-feet of toilet paper and you’ll be convinced.

As a 1.6 GPF unit, the CST744S model doesn’t qualify for the WaterSense designation, which requires use of just 1.28 GPF. But the larger amount is still less than half the 3.5 GPF (or more) used by toilets made before 1994. If you’re replacing a unit in an older home you’re likely still to be very pleased with the result. These new water-conserving toilets really do the job, despite using much less water.

A Variety of Options to Choose From

The CST744S series offers a number of sub-models to suit just about every situation and preference. The CST744SB, for example, features a bolt-down lid. If you have kids who like to peek under the top of the tank to observe what’s going on during a flush, you might have experienced a cracked lid. With the hardy vitreous china TOTO uses that’s unlikely with this model but a bolted lid will eliminate even that small chance.

The CST744SFR, by comparison, offers a right-hand trip lever (the flush handle). If you prefer your handle on the right hand side – whether for reasons of convenience or just out of an esthetic preference – that’s available.

The CST744SG features TOTO’s highly-regarded SanaGloss coating. This specialized glazing radically reduces the ability of bacteria and mildew to build up on the interior of the bowl. That means a longer time between cleanings and greater hygiene at all times.

There are several more models – some that are ADA compliant like the CST744SL and the CST744SD that features an insulated tank, for example. Check out the whole line here.


In the final analysis, there’s nothing special about the TOTO Drake CST744S line of toilets. It’s a fairly standard set of 1.6 GPF, two-piece elongated models.

The features aren’t those that get people excited about a toilet. Yes, there are such people, yours truly included. But if you’re in the market for a model that looks good and is completely reliable – several users have had theirs for five+ years and never needed a plunger – this series is definitely worth checking out. After all, there’s a reason it got a Top Flushing Toilet award.

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