The TOTO Aquia Dual Flush toilet is not the most elegant model the company makes. But its fine function and numerous options can make it a very good choice for a lot of buyers. Also known by the inelegant name of CST412MF, it will suit a wide range of bathroom motifs and family needs.

Two-Piece Elongated Design

In appearance, the TOTO Aquia Dual Flush is a very Scandinavian-looking design, despite not being made there. Though a two-piece toilet, it’s still minimalistic with a tank cover that sits flush atop the tank and a tank that lines up flush with the base. There’s a simple chrome button in the top.

The bowl is elongated, lending a bit of style, yes. But not in a way that stands out from the many other contemporary models that offer this same overall shape. Even so, for all that plainness it is available in a number of esthetic options that make it suitable for those remodeling the bathroom.

For example, it comes in a decent range of colors: various whites, Sedona Beige and Ebony. It would be helpful if this were supplemented by other hues such as green and blue. But it’s still a wider selection than is available with some other TOTO models.

Where it counts for a very large percentage of toilet buyers – practical function – this TOTO model stands up well to the competition.

Dual-Max Flushing System

TOTO has a well-earned reputation for making low-consumption toilets that work extremely well. The CST412MF is a good example.

That button mentioned above lets you operate this model in either of two modes. As a high-efficiency toilet it can work with a mere 1.6 GPF (6.0 LPF). That option is intended for disposing of solid waste. As a model that qualifies for the WaterSense program, a mere 0.9 GPF (3.4 LPF) is enough to cleanly remove liquid waste.

Unlike low-consumption toilets of the past, these contemporary HETs really earn the status implied by that acronym. It’s almost unheard of for a TOTO to clog, requiring you to get out the plunger. Sure, any toilet delivered can be a lemon. And any family can find a way to stuff the toilet with material that no unit could flush. But under normal use, the Aquia Dual Flush will operate flawlessly for its normal lifetime.

It’s a good thing, too. The concealed trapway in these models combines with a somewhat different bowl shape near the base. That would make using a plunger a bit tricky. It can be difficult to get a complete seal, which is essential for forcing material down the chute. Thankfully, as I said, that should never be necessary.


One very positive benefit is how easy the CST412MF is to install. Any moderately competent do-it-yourselfer should find this toilet will go in without undue effort.

How much effort is “undue effort”? Well, that depends on your ability to lift something that weighs close to 100 lbs as well as the amount of bathroom space you have to work with. Most elongated toilet designs can be a real bear if you have to maneuver within a tight rectangle. The CST412MF does better than most in this regard, i.e. goes in much slicker.

That’s partly a consequence of having a footprint of just 17″. The overall length is 27″ (not counting any protrusion from the seat/cover) and the maximum tank width is just 15.5″. Note these are measured distances during installation of an actual unit. The official stats are: 27.5″ x 14.2″ x 31.2″, with that last one being the tank height.

It’s also helpful that TOTO includes all the parts needed to install (not including the wax ring). It does not come with a seat, however. That, you have to purchase separately.

That’s a common thing these days with many toilets, though. Some might say the manufacturers are trying to make the cost look lower. But they would probably argue that it gives you the chance to personalize your choice where it counts so much. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to as far as I’m concerned. Just be aware you have to add that expense to arrive at the total price (plus delivery charge, if any).

CST412MF vs CST412MF.10

By the way, you might see varying models numbers for the TOTO Aquia Dual-Flush. The two main ones you’ll typically come across are CST412MF and CST412MF.10. The latter indicates a 10″ rough-in while the first refers to the 12″ rough-in model.

Also, there are sub-model numbers formed by adding #01, #03, #11, #12, #51. They just refer to the various color options – Cotton White (CST412MF-01), Bone (CST412MF-03), Colonial White (CST412MF-11), Sedona Beige (CST412MF-12), and Ebony (CST412MF-51). That’s as of this writing; there could be more in the future, of course. The CST412MF.10 is only available in Cotton White (CST412MF.10-01).

Bottom line: choose your model carefully based on your needs and preference. They all work exactly the same and (apart from the color) look the same.


The TOTO Aquia Dual Flush has a spare design that some will love and leave others cold. But issues of esthetic preference aside, there’s no denying how well this toilet works. It has the quality we’ve come to expect from this company. Also, thanks in part to the tank profile and overall dimensions, it’s surprisingly easy to install. Just take care to order the exact model and options you want.

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