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Our toilet is actually considered one of the places in one’s home that often gets the least attention. It appears that being in the toilet means you are in your comfort zone, and people have the tendency of taking it for granted. In contrast, note that you should maintain and beautify your toilets, ensuring that all of the toilet parts are of the best quality.

A toilet has two major classifications: the mechanical parts that are movable and the china which is actually made out of glazed clay. We use the movable toilet parts in order for us to flush wastes and to manage the amount of water that is needed to fill the toilet bowl. The china and the movable toilet parts work hand in hand in making sure that there would be an ample amount of water available at any given time.

toilet parts

The bowl, tank and the tank lid are what we call the china toilet parts. The tank lid is the part that covers the tank. No, it is not sealed since it is designed to be a fitted piece that has an overhanging rim so that you will be able to check the presence of water and make it easy for you to fix the moving parts should there be any problems. The moving parts are mostly placed inside the tank, which facilitate the flow of water, both intake and outtake.

The toilet bowl is placed at the very base of the toilet. The bowl was designed with holes for both the water intake and its release. The rim holes in the bowl also include smaller holes around it for the outflow of water. The water intake is made possible by the large hole at the back of the bowl. The seat cover of the bowl is hinged so that people will be able to raise or lower them if needed. It is placed on top of the bowl.


The handle or the trip lever is placed outside of the toilet tank. This is practically used for flushing the toilet. As how most of the toilets look like, this trip lever is placed in the tank’s left top front. Toilets nowadays, however, have been more modernized. Push-buttons are often used especially in the toilets of hotels, malls and other establishments. These push-buttons are placed on top of the tank lid.

toilet parts

A vertical tube that facilitates water transport, a water inlet valve, and the trip lever that stops water from flowing are some of the parts that are responsible for the intake and outflow of water. A refill tube is also present to give access to the water flowing in after every flush. Some parts are also designed to prevent overflows. The lift rod, for one, is attached to the fill valves which shuts off if the water has reached the maximum level.

Having an idea on the different parts of a toilet will surely come in handy  especially during times of leaks and other kinds of malfunction.

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