Toilet Paper Holder Guide

It is difficult to imagine a toilet without a toilet paper holder. However, this is often the most ignored fixture in a bathroom and people seldom give any serious thought to its make and model at the time of purchasing it. However, if you do not want to make a random decision at the time of purchasing it, you can use the tips provided below to guide you at the time of buying a toilet paper holder.

Tips to Choose a Toilet Paper Holder

With a wide variety of toilet paper holders available in the market, it is difficult to choose the most suitable one. Some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing a holder are as follows.

toilet paper holderFirstly, the choice of a toilet paper holder largely depends on the place where it is to be used. For a public place you need a simple and sturdy holder because it has to bear the abuse of a large number of people. While choosing a holder for the home you need to consider the factors such as.

Aesthetic Appeal: It is important to choose a holder that will complement the interiors of the bathroom and add spark and sparkle into it.

Durable: It is essential to choose a holder that is durable and does not break or rust easily.

Space: The choice of the holder also depends on the amount of place that is available. For confined areas, a wall mounted or a multi functional holder is an appropriate choice.

It is advisable to choose a high quality toilet paper holder. You can purchase the holder either from the local brick and mortar stores or order online.After choosing and purchasing the toilet paper holder, the next step is to install it.

It is extremely important to set up the toilet paper holder carefully because incorrect installation will result in unnecessary remodeling.

Various types of toilet paper holder

The main function of a toilet paper holder is to hold the roll of toilet paper. These holders are also known as toilet paper dispensers and come in five basic models, of which the most popular types are the following – a horizontal axle that is available as a recessed wall fitting and a vertical axle that is available as a recessed wall fitting. These are ideal for both residential and commercial restrooms and can add to the overall look of the space without drawing attention. Each of these designs offers enough friction to ensure easy tearing of the paper by the user and their simple design aids in easy refilling.

Other types of toilet roll holders include a self-standing vertical pole, a horizontal axle that is placed on a self-standing casing and a simple style horizontal piece of wire that is placed on a hinge and hung from the door or the adjoining wall. The last type of roll holder is an ideal pick for cubicle restrooms in a commercial setting. You can find this model in a variation of designs such as those that come with a curved horizontal plate to enclose the roll.

Selecting the right type of toilet paper holder

Selecting the right design and size of toilet paper holder can help in preventing wastage and frequent restocking. In fact, many public toilets are fitted with especially designed holders that make it difficult to steal the toilet rolls and come equipped with ingenious contraptions that release fresh rolls only when the active roll has been used up. Another novel dispensing technique that is employed in the toilet paper dispensers used in elementary schools, releases only small square of toilet paper so that the user cannot clog the toilet with it.

If you do not want to replace toilet paper in your bathroom every few days, you can opt for a freestanding holder that can hold many rolls at the same time and it can be moved with ease anywhere around the washroom. Moreover, these holders prevent the rolls from accumulating germs as happens when the extra rolls are placed out in the open.

While functionality is of utmost importance at the time of narrowing down holder choices for use in your restroom, do not ignore the aesthetics either and choose a model that will complement your restroom decor apart from keeping it clean and hygienic. Thus, you should select a specific color, style and design of toilet paper holders that enhances the interiors of the washroom and is appealing to the eye.

Choosing A Toilet Paper Holder

Every bathroom needs toilet paper as well as toilet paper holder. It may not be the most polite topic, but it is one that is necessary. If you have toilet paper, you also need something in which it can be held. While most homes have a basic toilet paper holder, many lack other storage forms. These holders can range from simple, functional units to high-end decorative pieces, but they serve an important function in the home. Which type of holder you choose is up to your own personal design style, but choosing to use a holder can keep your bathroom cleaner and your necessary items closer at hand.

Standard Toilet Paper Holder

A typical paper holder is as much a fixture in the modern household as any other item. This simple device allows an individual to unspool toilet paper quickly and easily, with relatively little mess. A bathroom simply does not seem complete without one of these items, and it is rare to see a home in which one is not present. These toilet paper holders can be seen in a number of different styles, though most are relatively unadorned metals that can be easily removed and cleaned. These units are great for those that have no problem storing multiple rolls of toilet paper in other areas.

Toilet Paper Holder as Storage

Another type of paper holder is used to hold extra rolls. These units come in many different shapes and sizes, but are used to hold multiple rolls of toilet paper aside while another roll is in use. Some of the most common sorts are large, metal units that are designed specifically to fit rolls of toilet paper. The products are relatively inexpensive, but can make the bathroom a much more ergonomically friendly place. If you are looking for a way to maximize your storage ability while still keeping a stylish bathroom, you may want to use this kind of holder.

Decor Toilet Paper Holders

Finally, there are decorative paper holders in existence. From specially made products to converted picnic baskets, these products allow for individuals to hide extra rolls while still adding a bit of extra décor to the bathroom. Most of these items lack the user-friendliness of the typical holders, but they are often easier to use in a given decorating scheme. If the look of your bathroom is important and you wish to have toilet paper hidden away, it may be wise to seek out a decorative toilet paper holder for your own use.

If you have a bathroom, you need a toilet paper holder. These units can be functional, decorative, or merely part and parcel of a standard bathroom. Whatever your choice, make sure that you have something that will work for both your needs and the needs of your family. While it is important to impress guests, it is perhaps more important to make sure that your bathroom items can stand up to day-to-day usage. It may take time to find the perfect toilet paper holder for your needs, but it can provide the necessary relief in otherwise tense situations.

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