Bestshowerandtoiletreview is dedicated to enlighten people on the right toilets and showers to buy. We review several of products suitable for many out there that might be interested in knowing more about the hot toilets and showers presently in the market.

Example: Best shower headBest toilet reviewBest flushing toiletBest toilet seat etc.

We strong believe in the power of education, and in the light of that, we have manage to create a scholarship campaign to inspire students, where winners would be awarded the sum of $1000

The scholarship is targeted towards postgraduate and undergraduates students with the interest of bathroom equipment.

If you found this scholarship opportunity and you will like to take part of it and you strongly believe you have what it takes to win our award this year, just kindly read the instruction below and send in your application.

Rules Of Participation

Every participants are expect to conduct a thorough research an write an essay of nothing short 1,000 word on the topic “Benefits of toilets and showers in houses”.

The student with the best essay writing will be award a sum of $1000.


The scholarship campaign is widely opened to high school, undergraduates and post graduate students.

It is very important that the essay submitted is your original material because all submission will be checked properly by the review team.

Submission Instruction

Write on the topic in nothing short 1000 word and send in your submission as an email with the written essay attached in a word. Doc file.

Please kindly make sure all submission is made to [email protected] with the details listed below in the body of the message.

  • Personal Details (First & Last name, Phone, and Address).
  • School Name.
  • Course of Study.
  • Any document which can proof that you are a Student.
  • School Website

Submission of every essay gives us the right of usage; perhaps on our website or for promotion purpose on other media outlets.


Deadline date for campaign is on the 12th of June, and payment will be award to the winning on the 30th of September. Then we prepare for a brand new campaign immediately.

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