Samsung RFG237AARS Review

This is the largest counter depth Samsung refrigerator on the market, so if you are looking for the best price cabinet depth Samsung fridge freezer please the time to read our complete and independent Samsung RFG237AARS review and rating.

We rate this fridge freezer at 4.5 Stars out of a possible 5 which makes it one of the best French door fridges we have assessed – and it is courtesy of one of the best fridge brands on the market today in our view.

Before you read the full review it might be worth you checking out our guide to what is a counter depth refrigerator before you buy using our price comparison tab which you can see above.

The Samsung RFG237AARS is very similar to the more expensive Electrolux EW23BC71IS, but is actually a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, which makes it one of the best price Samsung counter depth refrigerators on the market.

It comes with a twin-cooling system and other top functionality, all of which you can read about below in this Samsung RFG237AARS review.

Top Features of the Samsung French Door Fridge

  • Twin Cooling Plus System – Keeps food fresh at best temperatures
  • Surround Air Flow – Circulates air and reduces nasty smells
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool – Freeze or cool foods quickly
  • Cool Select Pantry and Cool Tight Doors – Keeps things fresh and crisp
  • External Digital Display and Control – Easy to use controls and settings
  • Energy Star Certified – Includes energy efficient LED lighting

External & Stylish Stainless Steel Design

The Samsung counter depth fridge comes in stainless steel, and one of the benefits to this (apart from looking stylish) is the fact that it is more anti-bacterial than other styles of refrigerator. Being a counter depth Samsung model, it means that it is not as deep as standard freezers which mean it will fit flush with your kitchen cabinets for that fitted look. Please note that the stainless steel exterior is non-magnetic so if you are a fan of fridge magnets you’re out of luck!

With regards to the door handles, they are robust and sturdy and should cope with more energetic members of the family pulling them open. In fact, the stainless steel Samsung refrigerator has a kid-friendly easy access handle at their height which lets them grab favorite snacks and food easily.

One criticism that can be highlighted in this Samsung refrigerator review (and it’s a small criticism at that) is that if you wish to access the lower center drawer then both French doors will need to be opened in order to gain access. Plus occasionally you might find that your freezer door is not completely shut because the top drawers have to be closed completely and securely.

Samsung Water & Ice Dispenser Maker

There are two French doors, which let you open whichever one you want if you know what side of the refrigerator the food is stored, and the in the left hand side one is a water and ice dispenser.

The ice maker is very quiet, as is the fridge as a whole, and the water that is dispensed tastes fresh, cold and clean due to the filter (which will need replacing on average every six months – but a small LED light will tell you when you should do this). You also have the option to either have crushed or cubed ice.

Some customers complain that the ice is too loud when dispensed, but this was not experienced during our Samsung counter depth refrigerator review of the RFG237AARS fridge.

External Digital Display & Controls

Controlling the Samsung French Door fridge is easy and can all be done using the nice looking digital display control pad that is situated on the outside of the door (see photo). There are options on there for the lighting, ice and water filter (tells you when it needs changing), door alarm, temperature and humidity and the current energy status.

Unlike a lot of other displays found on other French door fridge freezers, the Samsung version is very easy to understand with small icons that light up in a blue color – so you know exactly what you are doing. It took me around 10 minutes to familiarise myself with the unit, and that was without having to consult the instruction manual.

Twin Cooling System to Keep Your Food Fresh

The Samsung refrigerator comes with twin cooling, which as a feature isn’t often found on fridges that are counter depth or of a similar cheap (ish) price. It’s pretty cool too because it creates cool air for the refrigerator and freezer separately with two different fan systems – which you can also control using the external display unit. This means that humidity and temperatures can be kept to an ideal level for both areas so food remains fresh – and when you open the fridge there are no nasty smells, plus the fresh cool air literally hits you.

What’s Inside the Samsung RFG237AARS French Door Fridge?

Great design – really impressive and superb use of space. Inside the doors you have loads of room to store anything you can think of. This is aided by the gallon door bins inside each door, which are ideal for holding gallon milk or juice containers – and these are easy to reach in a handy location.

There are also a myriad of different drawers which are all clear so you can see exactly what you are storing. The humidity controlled crisper drawer is the highlight here as you set the temperature just how you want it so that vegetables remain very fresh and last longer. If storing fruits then just turn the humidity down a few more notches and they will keep crisp and fresh too.

If you often have cold meats, cheeses or deli items then you can put those in the coldness controlled drawer. This has its own dial inside the fridge so you can control the temperature – which reduces the need for you to have lots of plastic boxes in the fridge which is a common sight in modern fridge freezers and refrigerators.

Another top feature is the quick chill and freeze functionality. As a scenario let’s say you buy some ice cream but it’s soft when you get back from the shop and you want to eat it very soon. What you can do is quickly freeze and chill an item inside one of the drawers – and you can do this inside 10 minutes so works extremely quickly.

In terms of shelving then they are large enough to fit a large pizza box and also come with spill proof technology. This is nothing too clever, all it means is that the glass shelves have plastic curved edges, so if any liquid spills inside the stainless steel Samsung refrigerator you can remove the shelf and poor the excess away for easy cleaning.

Samsung RFG237AARS Freezer Section

This is a Samsung bottom freezer unit meaning all frozen items are in the unit underneath the main refrigeration section. When you open up the freezer drawer, the top shelf automatically slides out. This is great for putting frozen items that you use most in and they are at an easy enough height so the average sized person should not strain their back.

Underneath the top freezer slide out section there are two large clear divider sections which offer a huge amount of storage. The freezer is compliant with the most recent Energy Star ratings plus the door will alarm should it be left open for too long meaning you can save on any defrosting disasters (which will happen from time to time when people are forgetful).

Samsung RFG237AARS Review – Conclusion

At 4.5 stars out of 5 this is one of the best-rated Samsung refrigerators on our website. There’s very little to complain about other than the issue with the doors having to be completely shut in order to access some sections.

It’s a counter depth French door refrigerator review that comes highly recommended, and we would advise you take advantage of the price comparison and cheap deals we show because you will struggle to find a better or more reliable model at this price.

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