Samsung RF4287HARS Review

First impressions of the Samsung stainless steel French door refrigerator are very good. Stainless steel fridge freezers tend to have a classy modern look and feel to them and the Samsung is no exception to that rule, and I give it a very impressive four out of five stars.

You will also love the increased cubic capacity that it offers which is ideal for large families – it has a whopping 28 cubic feet of room in it and looks truly space-age when you open it and all the lights are on (see the images tab to get a better look above).

To find out more about the Samsung fridge then read on for my complete unbiased and independent Samsung French Door refrigerator review plus you can check out all the latest and cheapest Samsung refrigerator prices using my price comparison tool – just click on the relevant tabs above.

Samsung 28 Cubic Feet French Door Refrigerator

This is an expensive refrigerator and fridge freezer, and all the cheapest prices for Samsung are on the Price Comparison tab that you can see towards the top of my Samsung refrigerator review. However, as with most things in life, quality will cost more so you will be paying for a top quality product. Here are just a few of the stand out features of the Samsung RF4287HARS before I review each aspect for you.

  • 28 cubic feet of storage space
  • Energy Star approved with handy door alarm
  • Filtered water and crushed ice dispenser
  • Flexible temperature controls for different drawers
  • Twin Cooling Plus System
  • Customizable counter-height drawers

French Door Refrigerator from Samsung which is Kid Friendly

The Samsung RF4287HARS fridge freezer is easy to open and uses the French door style which is very popular with the latest premium refrigerator models. In addition to the French fridge doors, there’s also a lower compartment which Samsung describe as being “kid-friendly” – in essence because it lets them pull the drawer door down and towards them at a low height so they can access the food items that you want to make available to them.

If the doors are left open for over two minutes then a door alarm will sound – which is a great feature to help you ensure your fridge isn’t accidentally left open leading to a defrost or wastage situation.

All the doors on the Samsung stainless steel fridge are very hardy and will withstand some pretty tough treatment. When this fridge freezer came into the store I did my usual door opening tests which include pulling, pushing, and opening with force over a sustained five minute period – and I had no adverse affects to the operation to report. So it’s fair to say that this steel fridge will be very well received by people who have any heavy-handed people in their family!

Fingerprints on the Samsung Stainless Steel Fridge

One thing to note is that due to the stainless steel design of this refrigerator it can tend to get streaks and fingerprints develop on it over a week of use. However, I believe that if you are paying this kind of price for a product then the chances are that you take pride in your kitchen anyway, so having to give the Samsung a quick polish (WD40 works best by the way) once a week is a small price to pay for such a quality product – and if you want to know more then read this guide to The Best Way to Clean and Remove Fingerprints from a Stainless Steel Refrigerator.

Samsung RF4287HARS Twin Cooling Refrigerator System

One of the most impressive features to be assessed during my Samsung French door refrigerator review was the Samsung Twin Cooling System. Sounds impressive right? And in truth it is, but what does it mean in simple terms?

In essence it uses something called dual action cooling technology. This controls and generates cool air for the refrigerator and freezer parts separately. It does this with two virtually silent internal fan systems which are controlled by using a small console – meaning you can set the temperature in the different sections to your own individual needs depending on what type of food and produce you are storing.

Whether keeping vegetables or meat, you can maintain the humidity and temperature inside the Samsung RF4287HARS so that everything is kept as crisp or fresh as it needs to.

To control the Twin Cooling System, Samsung have included a small control panel which has easy to understand icons on it. These include pre-set temperatures for items such as wine, deli snacks, cold drinks, and meat or fish. The first time I used this I did need to refer to the manual, but it took me no longer than five minutes to fully understand how it all worked.

Samsung French Door Fridge Freezer with Ice and Water Dispenser

As with similar models in this price range, the Samsung stainless steel RF4287HARS fridge comes with an external ice and water dispenser. The water that it produces tastes good, and it should do because there are filters within the machine that will removes any impurities from the tap water that it will take in.

It dispenses a decent amount of ice, in fact more than most refrigerators of a similar size and price, although if I had one comment to make about this function it would be the noise that emanates from the Samsung when the ice pops out.

This is a minor issue though, and shouldn’t be a barrier to purchase as most refrigerators make a similar crunching and dropping noise when the ices drops into the catcher.

One final note on the ice, and that’s the ability to either product ice cubes or crushed ice depending on your preference – great for parties or people who like to make ice cold smoothies.

Replacing Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters

One thing to also be aware of, and something that not all consumers always know, is that the water filters do need to be replaced – usually on a six monthly basis. You will be notified when you need to change the filter as a small light appears on the control panel on the outside of the door. It is very simple to do and take about five minutes.

There is a slight curve ball though, because the replacement filter parts you will need to purchase have a different part number to the one that comes pre-packaged with the Samsung RF4287HARS refrigerator.

To confirm, when purchasing additional filters you will need to look for a product with the serial number: DA-2900020B. Thankfully these are pretty cheap and be purchased on usually for less than $30 dollars each – click here to see the cheap Samsung water filter prices on Amazon.

Storage Capacity and Shelving with the Samsung Refrigerator

Now on to the insides of the fridge, and when I first opened this Samsung RF4287HARS I noticed that with all the lights on it literally looks like something from another planet. It has an impressive and modern design that truly looks space age.

The interior design of the Samsung RF4287HARS French door fridge freezer is quite simply sublime. It includes sections that can be switched vertically so you can place taller items in plus has an additional shelf that has a removable front section allowing for smaller jars and similar sized items.

The shelving is extremely versatile and can be adjusted at various different heights – for example you can easily stand up bottle of wine inside the fridge itself, not just in the inside doors. The inside doors have a large capacity though and can easily hold four one-gallon milk jugs should you need to do so.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Review – Flex Drawer

Moving downwards you then have the Flex Drawer which is at a great height for those who have kids. This mid-positioned drawer is where the flexible temperature controls that I mentioned earlier really come into their own – so you can place a various selection of food items in here, all at their own best temperature and humidity settings.

The bottom freezer drawer feels a little bit heavy to pull out, but I put that down to the quality of the stainless steel components. When you pull the freezer drawer out you can easily see everything inside it, and it also has an additional interior drawer on the top of the freezer section where you can place commonly used and quick to find items.

The lighting inside the Samsung stainless steel refrigerator is all LED so means it’s a gentle light that manages to reach into each corner of the storage. Being LED means that there’s also less heat emitted from the lighting which adds to the product being more energy efficient than standard models – and the Samsung is ratified as Energy Star approved.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Warranty and Labor

Samsung offer a very generous warranty with the RF4287HARS refrigerator should you need to use it. They do produce high quality products so you should hopefully never have to use these guarantees, but should you do then it comes with the peace of mind of having a one year warranty for all parts and labor, plus a five year warranty on any of the sealed system parts.

Conclusion: Samsung RF4287HARS Stainless Steel Refrigerator Review

The Samsung looks good and has a huge capacity which should satisfy most large families, or those that just love their food. The flexible shelving systems mean you can adjust and customize the fridge to suit your needs. My Samsung RF4287HARS review gives this model four out of five stars which places it very highly when compared to other rival models.

Being stainless steel though it will tend to get smear and finger prints on it, but if you are proud of your home then I am sure you will be giving it the attention it deserves, which it certainly does at this price. Those are the only real negatives that I can publish in my Samsung French Door refrigerator review – it truly is a great addition to any home and kitchen so now check the cheapest Samsung online deals if you want to go ahead and buy this product online.

Admittedly this is not the cheapest French door refrigerator on the market so if you want to spend around half this money then I can recommend a similar sized rival model – so make sure you check out my Amana 25 Refrigerator Review as an alternative.

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