Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

If you are looking for Samsung refrigerator reviews then read on for more information from the RR4U website which includes customer and consumer reviews, plus in-depth ratings from an expert within the kitchen appliance field. This popular appliance brand was founded in 1938 and since then has consistently made high quality electrical appliances for the consumer market.

Read on for an overview on Samsung fridge reviews which will give you some guidance as to which type of model you should choose for your kitchen.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews

The Samsung range of French door refrigerators tend to be very good-looking fridge freezers, and consistently appear near the top of online consumer reviews and ratings.

Each and every model in the range feature excellent ice and water dispensers and some are even Wi-Fi enabled with LCD displays meaning you can adjust and set the temperature or humidity across the various different sections.

Please click on any of the links below in order to view the latest Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews.

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

The French door style of fridge became popular in the late 1990s (and still is), and is recognised by the unique design which takes inspiration from the architectural double doors commonly found in French houses.

This entails two French doors with a bottom freezer which tends to be of the pull-out or pull-down variety. If you want to know more about them then please click here where we explain What is a French Door Refrigerator?

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

The next type of fridge from this manufacturer is the side by side model. Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews often detail the sleek design and large capacity that they offer.

As with the French Door versions, some of the Samsung side by side fridge freezers come with Wi-Fi. The largest model in this range is the mammoth Samsung 30 cubic foot RSG307AARS which comes in a stainless steel finish.

There are seven models in the current range and they start at 24 cubic feet of capacity all with external ice makers and filtered water dispensers.

What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

This type of fridge was actually introduced by the Amana brand all the way back in 1949, but didn’t become popular in the kitchen until the mid-1960s (click here all of our Amana refrigerator reviews).

They go by this name due to the fact that typically the refrigeration unit is on the right hand side, and the freezer section on the left.

You won’t find as many Samsung fridge reviews in this category as the bulk of their models are in the French door style. Read this guide if you want to know more and find out What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

There aren’t many customer reviews on Samsung refrigerators when it comes to counter depth models, but please bookmark this website as well will very soon have a wide range of reviews and ratings on all of these models.

You might end up losing six inches of capacity should you choose a Samsung counter depth fridge freezer.

However in terms of aesthetics and looking good these are great options for fitted kitchens where you don’t want a refrigerator jutting out at a different depth to your work surfaces and cabinets.

What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

A counter or cabinet depth refrigerator will be designed to fit neatly and snugly into standard cabinets that come with modern kitchen design. Typically they will be somewhere between 25 and 27 inches deep instead of the traditional fridge depth which tends to be between 30 and 32 inches.

For more information on this style please read our Refrigerator FAQs and guides where we explain What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Samsung Bottom Freezer Reviews

Samsung also produce innovative bottom freezer style fridges. Many of the Samsung models including the RB215ACBP and RB197ACRS versions have twin cooling and are Energy-Star compliant.

The twin cooling aspect will mean varied airflows are used in the fridge and freezer – so you can ensure the foods are kept fresh and crisp.

One of the most popular bottom style models from Samsung according to consumer reviews and ratings is the 18 cubic foot RB195ACBP Bottom Freezer Refrigerator which comes in a black pearl color.

This version comes with reversible doors and an external digital display letting you have full control over all the settings available. Typically prices start at under $1000 US Dollars.

What is a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

Don’t know what is bottom freezer refrigerator is? In simple terms this means that the freezer section is on the lower half of the unit, and the refrigeration on the top.

Older refrigeration units used to typically have these units the other way around, but nowadays the freezer section is on the bottom.

This means you can easily access commonly used food produce at eye-level – as it stands to reason that most of the time you will want to takes cold items out rather than frozen ones.

Samsung Refrigerator Deals and Best Prices

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