Samsung Refrigerator: Features And Troubleshooting Guide

Among the different brands of refrigerators available in the market today, the Samsung refrigerator stands out as the best. According to Samsung refrigerator reviews, you understand that the brand not only has the highest customer satisfaction rate but also is the number 1 selling brand.

Great Features

The Samsung refrigerator operates optimally when it is full. Thus, the more you have inside, the more the energy saving since the internal temperature fluctuations are kept at a bare minimum. Other great features of this brand are:

  • Big inner space – The Samsung refrigerator boasts of increased inner storage space within the same old outer dimensions. Whether it is liquid compartments or food chambers, the refrigerator is generous with space.
  • Excellent design – In order to suit the different needs of different people, the Samsung refrigerator comes in a variety of sizes, designs and even shapes. You just have to pick the one that best fits your needs. The Samsung French door refrigerator especially has a unique design that helps you keep your kitchen organized. The 3 to 4-door fridge is extremely flexible in functionality as it features a customizable drawer complete with different temperature settings. Also, if you cook or eat a lot of kimchi, the Samsung Kimchi refrigerator will be the best fridge for you.
  • Apps on the Samsung fridge – With a dedicated 8” touchscreen app mounted on your fridge’s door and Wi-Fi enabled, you can actually go online and search for recipes, get in touch with your friends and even leave messages right from your fridgetop.

Troubleshooting Guide

Just like with any other appliance used in the house, the Samsung refrigerator will need occasional repairs in the long run. To maintain quality, however, you should make sure that the Samsung refrigerator parts that you use are only the best. You can get them from authorized dealers. What are some common troubles of this refrigerator?


  • Cooling becomes less or stops altogether
  • The internal lighting fails
  • Excessive cooling
  • Production of excess noise when in operation
  • The freezer leaks in water

To troubleshoot these problems on your own, you need to perform the following procedures:

  • The first thing you need to check is the electrical connection. Check the plug and ensure it is safely and securely in place.
  • Close the Samsung refrigerator door properly. When not closed fully, there may be complications with cooling.
  • If there is lighting malfunction, you probably will need to replace the bulb. However, if the bulb is ok, you will need to check the internal wiring system to ensure it is not damaged.
  • Thermo-stat is the other key thing to check out for. It controls the refrigerator internal climate accordingly. Re-set and/or change any Samsung refrigerator part that should be.

Before you embark on any kind of repair on the Samsung fridge, always ensure that it is unplugged from the socket. Go through various Samsung refrigerator sites available online to know what to expect and how to best handle your refrigerator. Always remember that good things come at a price. The Samsung refrigerator offers real value for money as well as functionality.

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