Samsung RB195ACPN Review

The Samsung RB195ACPN bottom mount freezer is a rarity on the Samsung Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website, because it’s one of the few fridge freezers that have a maximum rating of five stars out of five.

We struggle to find anything negative to say about in this Samsung refrigerator review because it delivers well on every single function that it promises and during our tests had zero negative feedback. It is superb value for the price, and comes with everything you would expect from a Samsung fridge freezer for around (and sometimes under) $1000 Dollars.

Read the complete Samsung bottom freezer review below, plus choose from the best price Samsung RB195ACPN deals that we can offer today using our price comparison tools.

Top Features of the Samsung RB195ACPN

  • Counter Depth Refrigerator
  • Glass Shelves (Slide Out)
  • Twin Cooling
  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Digital Display and Controls

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator Review

Being a Samsung counter-depth refrigerator, the RB195ACPN fridge will seamlessly slide in and work with fitted kitchen cabinets. It will snugly sit inside a 33 inch standard space and is slightly shorter than similar models to make sure that it works and compliments your kitchen fittings. Being counter-depth also means that you don’t have to reach in as far to get your food so will suit a smaller person with a shorter reach.

It also has reversible doors. That might not sound like a great feature, but when planning your kitchen you might find that on some refrigerators the doors will open the wrong and inconvenient way. Don’t worry about that though with the Samsung counter-depth RB195ACPN because you can easily switch them depending on your kitchen cabinets and fittings.

Comes with Twin Cooling – Keeps Things Fresh

One of the stand-out features of the Samsung RB195ACPN refrigerator is the Twin Cooling System. This aspect is unique to Samsung refrigerators and means that cool air is generated for both the refrigerator and freezer sections separately and the airflow between the two is independent. This lets the freezer section stay dry, whilst the top refrigerator aspect maintains a supply of air that’s moist enough to keep food fresh and crisp.

The Twin Cooling really comes into its own when preserving fruit and vegetables for longer – you will find that if you buy this cheap Samsung counter depth model, that these items will stay fresher for far longer than you would expect with most rival refrigerators – making this one of the best counter depth refrigerators that money can buy.

No Need to Defrost the Samsung Bottom Freezer

If that wasn’t enough, the Samsung RB195ACPN refrigerator also ensures that food stays frost-free. It comes with no-frost technology so you should never need to defrost the unit. That’s what the manufacturer states, and online Samsung reviews all agree that this fridge freezer never needs to be defrosted. However, I cannot guarantee this wouldn’t be the case after a year’s use – but obviously we didn’t have that amount of time when conducting our Samsung bottom freezer review.

One thing that you should benefit from is the lack of any ice building up inside the refrigerator. Given that this model comes with 18 cubic feet of capacity that will mean no additional spaces get taken up by ice blocks – if you do experience this icing problem though please do get in touch with us at Refrigerator Reviews 4 U as we would love to help you and give you advice with any Samsung refrigerator problems.

Design of the Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator

This fridge freezer will suit a family of four given the 18 cubic feet of capacity. It also comes in a platinum finish so looks great, and also, once you get those doors open, has a fantastic interior style too (and bear in mind this review is based on the great value price that you will pay).

All the inner settings including the humidity controlled crisper can be set via the digital display. Unfortunately there is no automatic external ice maker or water filter – but that doesn’t affect the customer rating we give this fridge because you should not expect one at this price.

Internal Ice Maker, But No Water Filter

However, there is an internal ice maker set near the internal top section of the fridge. You will need to add water to it, and in order to get the ice you simply turn a dial and the ice drops out into a tray underneath – which can then be removed in order to access the ice cubes.

LED lights are used internally, which help this Samsung fridge freezer attain its Energy Star rating – as they are not as power-hungry as traditional bulbs. The LED lighting illuminates each and every corner of the refrigerator and there are no dark patches – it’s really easy to see what you want to grab.

Three Different Shelves & Loads of Door Space

In terms of shelving you get three large shelves inside the RB195ACPN fridge, all of which are easy to clean and maintain due to the rubberized edges which will catch any spills. There’s also room in the doors to accommodate for six wine sized bottles should you need it – and it easily stores gallon milk and juice cartons.

There’s even a smaller drawer set under the top shelf for items like cold meats or fish – depends what you want to use if for as there could be many different items stored in there depending on your own requirements.

The Samsung RB195ACPN Bottom Freezer

The freezer door operates on a swing open basis, so you don’t need to pull any drawers out when accessing your frozen foods in the lower bottom freezer section. Freezer swing doors definitely work better when looking at Samsung counter depth refrigerators and the RB195ACPN fridge is no exception to this rule.

The freezer has ample room in order to be filled on a twice monthly basis for a family of four, and also has an interior light in there, plus two large opaque bins so you can set your own order of preference to what you want at hand’s reach.

Samsung Bottom Freezer Review – Conclusion

So why do we give this Samsung refrigerator review the full five stars out of five? Well, admittedly is doesn’t have an external ice and water machine – however, for the low and cheap price that you are going to pay for the Samsung RB195ACPN then you shouldn’t really expect that. But what you will get is an extremely sturdy and well made product from one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances.

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