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Every home needs a refrigerator in order to store and preserve different kinds of food. It is also important to keep juice, water or soft drinks cold. Even though most refrigerators in the market come with a freezer, there are many people who prefer buying freezerless refrigerator.

Freezerless refrigerators are becoming in demand today. The days when people always buy refrigerators with freezers included are gone as many people today are adapting to lifestyle changes. These fridges are not only suitable for homes but also in restaurants, offices, stores and more. If you prefer eating fresh foods instead of frozen foods, a freezerless refrigerator is a great option for your family.


Reasons to Purchase a Freezerless Refrigerator

There are also many reasons why people choose to purchase freezerless fridge.

1. Fresh Foods Storage

A freezerless refrigerator is perfect for storing a lot of fresh foods. If you need more space to store vegetables and fruits, choosing this type of fridge allows you to use all the space just for healthy foods. Since most people buy food in bulk to save money, a freezerless fridge lets you have more space fresh meats, dairy products and drinks.

2. Storage for Beverages

If you are looking for a fridge just to keep your drinks on the right temperature, there is no need for freezer. Restaurants, cafés and offices mostly use freezerless refrigerator for this purpose.

3. Saves Money

Refrigerators that come with ice makers and freezers are actually more expensive than freezerless or compact fridges. It also maintains less temperature which makes it more energy efficient. If you do not consume a lot of frozen products, a freezerless fridge can help you save more money.

4. Kitchen Design

If you are remodeling your kitchen and you want to separate the storage for your frozen food and fresh goods, a freezerless refrigerator is an excellent option for customizing. Freezerless fridges are also attractive and can be placed anywhere you like such as in existing cabinet.

5. Saves More Space

If you are living in a dorm or a small apartment, there is no need to get yourself a full-sized refrigerator with freezer. Aside from that, freezerless refrigerator only takes a small amount of space in your kitchen. This gives you more room for additional furniture or stuff.

You will find fridges with varying features and different sizes and styles. There are some considerations when choosing for the right freezerless refrigerator such as your room or kitchen space and amount of food or drinks. You can also consider the number of family members as well as your daily routine.

Here, we have made an extensive research about the best freezerless refrigerators and highlighted their features.

If you are looking for a compact freezerless refrigerator, this fridge by SPT is suitable for office, dorm and small apartment. It provides 1.8 cubic feet of capacity and excellent for counter-top placement.


  • Manual Defrost
  • Reversible Door
  • Stainless Steel Door with Black Cabinet
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Front Leveling Legs
  • Slide-out Wire Shelf
  • HCFC-free, Energy Star

With dimensions of 18.3 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches, you can save more space in your dorm, apartment or office while having enough storage for your favorite foods and drinks. It also comes with tall bottle door rocks and adjustable thermostat. This fridge is also ideal for counter-top location so your kitchen can look more pleasant and neat.

If you are staying in a dormitory or small apartment, this freezerless refrigerator by Haier allows you to chill your food without consuming a lot of space in your room. With a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, its door can store up to 2-liter bottle as well as other tall bottles easily.


  • 2-Liter Bottle Door Storage
  • 1 Gallon Door Storage
  • 3 Full-width Interior Glass Shelves
  • 2 Dispensable-a-Can Storage Compartments
  • Reversible Door
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Energy Star Compliant

The Haier 3.2 Cu Ft Refrigerator comes with two interior shelves so you can easily organize your food and beverages. It is also ideal for small spaces such as dorm, tiny apartments, offices and vacation homes. This fridge also features its full-width-slide-out wire for storing fruits and vegetables. It also has a lower are for storing condiments, salad dressing and more up to 2-liter bottle. The compartment door offers a convenient place for storing beverages.

This small fridge has dimensions of 17-1/2 x 19-11/16 x 31-1/2 that is also suitable for recording rooms, basements, bars and warehouses. If you do not need a freezer at all, this freezerless refrigerator is perfect for just chilling your foods and drinks in the right temperature.

This compact freezerless refrigerator offers 5.5 cubic feet of capacity. Its elegant design gives luxury to any room. This fridge is ideal for those who do not have big space and need a fridge to keep their foods and drinks cold. It also comes with a reversible door so you can easily access your food or drinks even if you arrange your room or kitchen.


  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Crisper Drawer
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Interior Lightning
  • Hidden Evaporator
  • Jet Black Exterior Finish
  • Door Storage
  • 100% CFC-Free

This fridge has dimensions of 28 x 28 x 38 inches and can easily fit in any room without consuming a lot of space. It is also ideal for dorms, small apartments and offices especially when freezers are not really needed.

The stainless steel door also makes any room modern and luxurious looking. It also comes with automatic defrost to decrease the amount of cleaning time and maintenance. With three shelves, crisper and door storage, you have a lot of options and ways to arrange your foods and beverages.

This 7.4 Cu Ft Apartment Refrigerator by Avanti is excellent for those who need storage without taking too much space. It only has 2’ wide and deep. This is small enough for those living in an apartment while still enjoying enough amount of space for food and drinks. The doors are also reversible for better placement.


  • Full range temperature Control
  • See Through Crisper with Glass Cover
  • Interior Light
  • Adjustable/Removable Door Bins
  • Adjustable/Removable High Quality Glass Shelves
  • Door Rack Holds up to 2-Liter Bottles
  • Energy Star Rated

With a dimension of 23 x 21.5 x 56 inches and capacity of 7.4 cubic feet, it is ideal for apartments, dormitories, offices, hotels and more. In addition, it is Energy Star Rated that allows you to save money on electric bills. This fridge lets you keep your food and drinks organized as it comes with many layers and door racks that can hold up to 2-Liter bottles.

This fridge comes with adjustable glass shelves and door bins so you can organize your foods and beverages easily. It also has interior light so you can easily search for your favorite food.

This white 16.7 Cu Ft refrigerator is an excellent option for keeping your fresh foods chilled in the right temperature. It provides plenty of storage space so you can easily organize your foods and beverages. It also comes with bright interior lightning, control lock option and ready-select controls so you can keep your goods fresh for long.


  • Plenty of Storage Space
  • Control Lock Option
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Bright Interior Lightning
  • 4 Wire Shelves and 2 Adjustable Shelving Units
  • 5 Door Shelves
  • Frost Free Defrost

With the dimension of 29.1 x 32 x 65.9 inches and capacity of 16.7 cubic feet, this fridge is ideal for families with children as it comes with Control Lock feature. Because children like to play with doors, knobs and buttons, there is a high chance that they will open the fridge and mess up with your food and drinks. This problem also leads to higher energy cost so you will love the Control Lock Option feature.

This refrigerator also comes with a bright interior light so you can easily look for your favorite foods or right ingredients. There are also many containers where you can organize your items.

Electrolux is the Leading European Premium Appliance Brand. This refrigerator offers 18.6 Cu. Ft. of capacity, four adjustable door bins, three full-width baskets, two cantilever glass shelves, PureAdvantage air filter, Led Lightning and more. This fridge gives you a lot of space to store everything that you need.


  • Custom-Design Organization System
  • Custom-Fit Capacity
  • Theatre Lightning
  • Smooth-Glide Crisper Drawers
  • Removable Basket Trays
  • Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified)
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Custom-Set Digital Temperature Control System
  • Air filter Indicator

This refrigerator by Electrolux offers great features that you and your family will love to use. Whether it is for home, office or restaurant use, this fridge allows you to organize your foods and drinks with its Custom-Design Organization System. It offers Smooth-Glide drawers, adjustable crisper dividers, adjustable dairy door bin, basket trays and condiment shelf. The drawers glide out smoothly while keeping your fresh fruits and vegetables chill. You can also adjust the humidity and temperature.

With dimensions of 26.5 x 32 x 71.4 inches, this fridge also comes with Temp Alarm System and Custom-Set Digital Temperature Control System. The Theatre Lightning system allows you to see all the contents inside clearly. It is also Energy Star qualified that helps you save electricity cost.

The FFAR10 refrigerator has 10.1 Cubic Feet of capacity that provides you a lot of space for storing your fresh foods and drinks. The door racks can also accommodate not only small items but also large bottles. There are also more storage options with four adjustable shelves and crisper.


  • Fruit and Vegetable Crisper
  • Door Storage
  • Interior Light
  • Adjustable Wire Shelves
  • Internal Fan
  • Thin-Line Design
  • Reversible Door

With its Thin-line design and dimensions of 24 x 24 x 55 inches, there will be no problem when it comes to space. It has 10 cu. ft. of storage room inside so you can get more foods and drinks without worrying about extra space. The door storage can also accommodate tall bottles while the fan-forced cooling makes sure that the temperature is distributed evenly. The interior light illuminates automatically when the door is open so you can see clearly what you are looking for.

This fridge is also low in maintenance and its ideal size is also suitable for clinics, hospital and other general purpose facilities. The reversible door gives you more storage options and you can easily change your arrangements. It also has environmentally friendly design as there are no ozone-damaging chemicals.

This freezerless refrigerator by Danby offers 11 Cubic Feet of capacity which accommodates up to 312 liters. It also has an elegant appearance that features one door with integrated handle. It also comes with a clever reversible hinge that lets you set it for left or right-handed opening so you can organize your groceries anyhow you like it.


  • Crystal Vegetable Crisper with Glass Cover
  • Tall Bottle Storage
  • 4 ½ Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Interior Light
  • Reversible Door Hinge
  • Integrated Door Shelves and Egg Compartment
  • Energy Star Compliant

This refrigerator by Danby may be too big for you. But if you are looking for a reliable freezerless refrigerator, this one is highly recommended. With dimensions of 24.6 x 24.2 x 58.8 inches, this fridge serves up to 11 cubic feet of storage area. It has neat interior that is illuminated so you can easily organize your foods and beverages. There is enough room for tall and big bottles especially large amounts of foods.

This spacious refrigerator by Danby has energy star rating. In addition to that, it uses high-tech mechanical thermostat that can lower your electricity bills.


Freezerless refrigerator is a great option if you want to keep your foods and drinks cold enough and there is no need for freezer. Students and other individuals would like to purchase more affordable and energy efficient appliances. Each fridge comes with different functions and features so before coming up with a decision, it is best to consider the room space, purpose (home or commercial), and budget.

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