Best Apartment Size Refrigerator

Each home needs a refrigerator for keeping different types of food fresh. It is also essential for making your favorite beverages chilled so you can enjoy them in the right temperature. If you are living in a small apartment or dormitory, it is just right to get the right size of refrigerator to make sure that you can still move around your kitchen without bumping into the counter or your fridge itself.

Even though apartment-size refrigerators are smaller than regular fridges, they still have the same functions. These refrigerators keep your foods and drinks cool just like your regular refrigerators. Some of the apartment size refrigerators also allot big space for freezer compartments. These units are suitable for small apartments, dormitories, hotel rooms, game rooms and more.

If you are searching for the best apartment size refrigerator, here are some features that you want to look for:

  1. Portability – When you are searching for an apartment-size refrigerator for just a temporary space, it is just right that you get one that is not too heavy for moving around. You might be interested in a mini fridge that is easy to move around the apartment and provides just enough space for the necessities.
  2. Storage Space – Another important feature that you should consider is the storage space that the refrigerator can provide. You can also consider the number of people in your household in order to get the right size of refrigerator.
  3. Freezer Compartment – Only few small refrigerators have the ability to attain freezing temperatures. If you need the freezing compartment, you are suggested to get a fridge with a small freezer or invest in a separated freezer. You have to decide based on your needs, as often the freezers found in apartment size refrigerators may not be able to keep the foods frozen like the standard refrigerators. If you would get a bigger size of refrigerator, there would not be any problem when it comes to freezing frozen foods.
  4. Power Consumption – Apartment size refrigerators consume less power than standard refrigerators. The power consumption can be different from one manufacturer to another. You can look for energy-efficient refrigerators so you can save energy.

To make your search easier, we have made a research and come up with the 8 best apartment size refrigerators.


1. Insignia – 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

This apartment-size refrigerator offers 2.6 cubic feet of capacity that allows you to have enough storage even if you are staying in a small-sized apartment or dorm. The unit does not take a lot of space so your kitchen is still spacious.


  • Electromechanical Thermostat Controls
  • Glass Shelving
  • Smooth Finish
  • Reversible Door Hinges
  • Flat Back

The NS-CF26BK6 compact refrigerator by Insignia allows you to easily organize your foods and beverages. It provides glass shelving for separating your groceries and space for your drinks. The reversible door hinges provides you different options of placing your stuff. You can easily adjust the temperature with the electromechanical thermostat controls.

This refrigerator has a flat back so you can place it flat against the wall and maximize the space of your apartment. It also has a smooth finish that provides a sleek appearance to make your kitchen or room look better without ruining your room arrangement.

2. Avanti – 7.4 Cu. Ft. Two-Door Refrigerator

This apartment-sized refrigerator by Avanti provides 7.4 cubic feet of capacity and it comes with features that are necessary for better placements. This Energy Star rated unit also helps you save money on electricity bills while storing a lot without taking too much space in your kitchen.


  • Reversible Doors
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Full Range Temperature Control
  • Adjustable and Removable Glass Shelves
  • Adjustable and Removable Door Bins
  • Crisper with Glass Cover
  • Door Rack Holds up to 2-Liter Bottles
  • Interior Light
  • Energy Star Rated
  • CFC FreeR600A Refrigerant
  • ADA Compliant

The Avanti Ra7316pst Apartment-Size Refrigerator is ideal for those who need to store more without taking too much room space. It is suitable for apartments, dormitories, office, hotels and more. This unit measures less than 2’ wide and deep and provides big amount of space for storing foods and beverages.

The reversible doors also let you have more options to place your items. The adjustable glass shelves and door bins allow you to easily organize your snacks while letting you maximize the space. You can easily get your favorite snack as this unit also comes with Interior lighting. It also comes with an ice cube tray so you can always make your drinks colder.

3. Frigidaire – 3.3 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

This compact refrigerator by Frigidaire offers 3.3 cubic feet of capacity which is ideal for small apartments, dormitories, hotels, office and more. You can keep your drinks and fresh items chilled without taking a lot of space in your room. Its design also creates a seamless look.


  • Full-width Door Rack
  • 2 Half-width Door Racks
  • 6-Can Rack
  • Freezer Compartment
  • 15 Lighting
  • Reversible Door
  • Adjustable and Removable Glass Shelf
  • Mechanical Temperature Controls

This Frigidaire FFPE33B1QM allows you to select the right temperature with its Mechanical Temperature Controls and operating it is very simple. You can also customize the interior storage space with the adjustable and removable glass shelves. With its full-width door rack and two half-width door racks, you can easily access your favorite ingredients or snacks. You can also locate quickly the items that you need with its 15W Lighting.

With the refrigerator’s Reversible Door, you can open the door on the left or right, according to the where you placed the unit. The 6-can rack allows you to have enough space for your favorite drinks. It also offers space for tall bottles. The unit also comes with 0.3 cubic feet of capacity for frozen goods.

This refrigerator by Summit provides 8.9 cubic feet of capacity that brings convenience even to small kitchens without compromising quality. It has a unique curved door design that brings additional style to your kitchen. You can easily organize your foods, beverages and other items with its tilt-out crisper, door racks and adjustable glass shelves.

  • Clear Crispers
  • Reversible Doors
  • Interior Light
  • Adjustable and Spill-Proof Shelves
  • Frost-Free Operation
  • Full Freezer Shelf
  • Thin-Line Design
  • 100% CFC Free

The Summit FF945SLV refrigerator comes with spill-proof glass shelves so you can easily clean it up. The safety glass also offers flexible storage. The large tilt-out crisper keeps your vegetables fresh and you can easily slide it in and out for better loading and unloading. The unit also offers 4 door racks that give you many ways to organize your refrigerator. It also comes with a removable wire shelf and 2 door racks for more convenience.

Redesigning or rearranging your kitchen would not be hard with the unit’s Reversible Doors. You can easily switch your appliances without worrying about the door of your refrigerator. The unit also features frost-free operation to reduce your maintenance. It is also 100% CFC Free and does not produce ozone-damaging chemicals.

5. LG 10.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

This apartment-sized refrigerator provides 10.0 cubic feet of capacity which allows you to put more groceries inside. Its compact design is also ideal for office, dormitories, condo, restaurants, hotels and more. This refrigerator also meets the edge of 24” counters for a seamless appearance.


  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • 2 Vegetable Crispers
  • 2 Tempered Glass Shelves
  • 3 See-Thru Freezer Drawers with Ice Trays
  • Quick Freezing Drawer
  • Multi-Air Flow Cooling
  • Door Open Alarm
  • Energy Saving Vacation Mode

The LG LRBP1031W provides a fresh food section above the freezer. You can also adjust the temperature of the unit with its Digital Temperature Controls in freezer and refrigerator sections. Its Multi-Air Flow Cooling System makes sure that the air is distributed evenly to keep your goods fresh and long-lasting.

Arrange your foods and drinks with two tempered glass shelves, three see-thru freezer drawers and two vegetable crispers. The Quick Freezing Drawer also lets you freeze faster to lock in freshness.

6. Frigidaire 9.9 Cu. Ft. Apartment-Size Refrigerator

This apartment-size refrigerator by Frigidaire provides 9.9 cubic feet of capacity which gives you more than enough space to store your food, beverages and other items. Keep your foods fresh for a long time with 2 clear crisper drawers and adjustable glass shelves.


  • 2 Clear Crisper Drawers
  • Gallon Door Shelf
  • Built-In Can Dispenser
  • Door Bins
  • 2 Door Racks and 1 Wire Shelf
  • Frost-Free Operation
  • Ready-Select Temperature Controls
  • Bright Lighting
  • Reversible Door Swing Option
  • Filter Change Alert

This Frigidaire FFTR1022QB is ideal for small kitchens. It keeps your food and beverages organized with its adjustable shelves, can and door storage bins and crisper drawers. You can move the glass shelves up and down to make more space for taller items. It also has bright lighting system that lets you see everything inside your fridge. There are two door racks and 1 wire shelf with frost free operation that allows you to get the most out of the freezer.

Controlling the temperature is easy. It has ready-select temperature controls that allow you to set your desired temperature. Based on your preference, the reversible door can be installed to open right or left. There wouldn’t be a problem when you decide to rearrange your kitchen. The door storage also gives you a lot of space for big items like a gallon of milk.

7. Danby 9.9 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

This apartment-size refrigerator by Danby provides 9.9 cubic feet of refrigeration space and its classy design can fit with your existing arrangement or décor. This unit features adjustable and removable shelves so you can easily organize your fresh goods and frozen items. It also has a blue indication temperature display.


  • Bright LED Lighting
  • 2 Full-width and 1 half-width Adjustable and Removable Wire Shelves
  • Frost-Free Operation
  • Integrated Door Shelving with Tall Bottle Storage
  • Spotless Steel Door Finish
  • Glass Covered Vegetable Crisper
  • Electronic Temperature Controls
  • Reversible Door
  • Ice Cube Tray Included

The Danby DFF100C1BSLDB refrigerator provides generous space for your foods and beverages. It comes with a large vegetable crisper with a glass cover. This unit can be programmed easily with Electronic Controls and there is a Blue Indication Display that shows you the temperature. An ice cube tray is also included so you can always make your drinks colder.

Looking for the right ingredient or your favorite snack is also easy with its Bright White Interior LED Light. It also features its Reversible Door hinge that lets you open the unit according to your preferences.

8. Galanz 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

If you are living in a small-size apartment, this compact refrigerator by Galanz offers 3.1 cubic feet of storage space for your foods and drinks. Its flat back design allows you to save a lot of space in your kitchen so you can place more objects or appliances.


  • Environmentally friendly R600a Refrigerator
  • Glass Shelves
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control
  • Space-Saving Flat Back Design
  • Soft Interior Light
  • See-through Crisper with Glass Cover
  • Can Dispenser and Bottle Holder
  • Manual Defrost

The Galanz GL31S5 allows you to organize your groceries with its 1-1/2 glass shelves that are easy to wipe and clean. The size of this unit is perfect for apartments, office, dormitories, game room and more. You can easily search for your favorite food with its soft interior light and there is a switch to turn it on and off.

The door storage allows you to place up to 2 liters of tall bottles. You can easily adjust the temperature with the thermostat control.


Apartment-size refrigerator is ideal for keeping your food and beverages chilled in the right temperature without having to use a lot of your kitchen space. Whether you are living in an apartment or moved into a condo, you can always get yourself an efficient apartment-size refrigerator that provides you both quality and storage for your food and drinks. If you are also interested in a separated refrigerator and freezer, that is also possible. The decision depends on your preferences and the available space of your kitchen room.

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