Nostalgia Retro Red 1950’s Mini Fridge Review

We love a bit of retro refrigerator action on this reviews website, and one which recently came to our attention was this stunning Nostalgia Electrics red retro 50’s fridge.

There are many different retro mini fridges on the market which are cheaper (for example check out the Koolatron range of Coca-Cola fridges), but the Nostalgia retro series of refrigerators take the standards up a level, with the RRF-325 Red compact fridge being no exception.

Our Nostalgia Retro compact refrigerator review gives this model 4 out of 5 stars – read on to find out why, plus check the price comparison tab above for the best price and cheapest deals.

Nostalgia Red Refrigerator Features

  • It’s a retro design style mini-refrigerator
  • Comes with 3.1 cubic foot of internal capacity
  • Includes a range adjustable thermostat for temperature settings
  • Separate top freezer compartment
  • Large clear fruit and vegetable crisper
  • Two removable shelves
  • Tall beverage holder – accommodates 2-liter beverage bottles

Design & Aesthetics of the Nostalgia Series Compact Refrigerator

The best way to describe this compact fridge is that it looks like a 1950’s refrigerator, but when you open it up you get the best of modern kitchen appliance design. The exterior is made up with a beautiful brushed metal red finish, which has a different shade reflection depending on what angle you are viewing the red fridge freezer from.

This makes for a superbly designed kitchen feature, and with dimensions of 19 inches high, could suit someone looking for an under-counter mini refrigerator where space is at a premium. The detail is great, and the fonts used for the exterior badges on the Nostalgia RRF-325RED are in the 50’s style with a raised serif metallic finish.

Inside the Nostalgia 50’s Fridge

You might be surprised when you open this refrigerator up, because it contains a good amount of space when compared to other retro or novelty style fridges. There are two shelves which have ample enough space for a weekly shop for one or two people, and in the lower section you will see a clear crisper drawer – which is best for storing fruit and vegetables.

With a total capacity of 3.1 cubic feet this is never going to satisfy the refrigeration needs of a family, but it will definitely suit someone with limited space perhaps in a smaller kitchen who wants an under-counter compact refrigerator. And there really is room to store everything, because inside the doors there is a soda can dispenser wire unit, plus space for two liter drink’s bottles. In addition to that there’s a top section inside the door which can easily hold yogurt cartons, cheeses, or other dairy products.

Nostalgia Retro Freezer Section

Opening up the top level door gives you access to the freezer section. This isn’t a huge amount of space, but there has been a design consideration made to give you more possibilities, and that’s due to the freezer door unit which contains space for smaller frozen items.

To help you keep your new retro mini fridge at the best temperature to suit your foods, there’s also an adjustable thermostat included with the Nostalgia Series red fridge. This is set at the back of the refrigerator and is very easy to use.

Nostalgia Series Retro Fridge Review – Conclusion

If you want a touch of the 1950s in your kitchen or home then you can’t go wrong with the Nostalgia the RRF-325RED. We give it a very impressive four stars out of five, as it’s probably one of the best retro fridge freezers that we’ve ever reviewed.

The only reason we have marked it down slightly is due to the fact that the freezer is not as spacious as we would like – but overall the freezer performs extremely well and is streets ahead of the competition as far as actually keeping your food cold and frozen.

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