LG LFX31925ST Review

The LG stainless steel refrigerator with French doors is one of the best fridge freezers that we’ve reviewed in 2011 and scores four out of five stars.

If you’ve been looking for LG refrigerator consumer ratings then everything you need to know is set out below including price comparison, best price LG LFX31925ST fridges, plus large photos of the model so you can see it in more detail.

The LG LFX31925ST review makes special mention of how large this refrigerator is. It has a huge capacity of 31 cubic feet, comes in a stunning stainless steel finish, and even has a long 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. It will suit a large family of five or more people with room to spare.

Here are just a few of the best features that are included with the LG French Door version, which is then followed by the independent review and assessment.

LG Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator – Main Features

  • Stainless Steel with Large French Door
  • Huge Capacity and Storage Space
  • Digital Sensors to Monitor Refrigerator Conditions
  • Fresh Air Filters and Humidity Controls
  • Three Tier Organization of Shelving
  • Slim Line Ice System to Maximise Space

Huge Capacity of 31 Cubic Feet

This LG French Door Refrigerator Review firstly wants to draw attention to the fact that the LFX31925ST model has the largest capacity of any standard width refrigerator with a whopping 31 cubic feet of space. That means that you will get more shelf space than on other models to store your food, plus it has some very large door bins for additional storage. For families of five people or more this capacity will be ideal letting you reduce the times you need to go to the shops and refill your fridge.

External Design & Features of the LG LFX31925ST Fridge

Being a stainless steel refrigerator you will benefit from the anti-bacterial property that gives you – and it also looks very clean and sleek when placed into a modern kitchen design. You aren’t just paying for something that looks good though, because the outer doors also include an ice maker and water dispenser that will easily let you fill up a water pitcher with cold and fresh-tasting water at the touch of a button.

In addition to that there’s a door alarm which is essential for a refrigerator of this size. Inevitably people will visit the fridge and sometimes leave the door open. If that happens with the LG LFX31925ST then it will wait a couple of minutes and then notify you with a alarm sound. This feature alone could save you losing food and having the situation where the whole unit defrosts.

There is however no temperature alarm – so if the inner temperatures drop to an unacceptable level you will not be notified. You can set the inside humidity settings though, and that’s all controlled via the digital display panel situated near the left hand door ice maker. By pressing a few buttons you can tell the LG LFX31925ST exactly how cold and chilled you want each section to be.

Digital Display & Control Panel Could Be Better

One negative aspect to the LG LFX31925ST Refrigerator is the digital display and control panel. It quite simply is not designed as well as it could be. The buttons are not as intuitive as say you might find on our Amana ASD2522WRB review or Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS review which are large fridge freezers in a similar price bracket.

Internal Space & Capacity Benefits

When you open up the LG French Door LFX31925ST model you will immediately be very impressed with how the designers have made the best use of capacity as possible. There are 4 split shelves which include widened outer rims – this means that should any spillages occur you can easily remove a glass shelf and poor the excess waste away before cleaning it up.

The LG designers have tried to make as much room inside as possible, which includes fitting a slim-line ice maker in the door, which allows for more inner door room – you can double stack milk cartons and fruit juices as well as storing all your bottles – check out the large photo gallery tab to see just how much you can physically store inside the LG refrigerator.

On the lower half of the refrigerator section you get a humidity controlled crisper drawer which slides out to keep fruit and vegetables in. It’s made from a clear plastic so it’s easy to see everything inside and using the external control panel you can actually set the optimum temperature for the drawer.

There’s also a dairy product bin also in clear plastic where cheeses and other dairy products can be stored. Because it’s full width you will need two hands in order to fully pull it out which can be a pain but otherwise it’s a superb feature – with loads of room too.

If you’ve ever experienced fridges becoming smelly then you won’t get that nasty experience with the LG LFX31925ST refrigerator – that’s because it comes with a very cool air filter. This circulates cool fresh air throughout the fridge freezer to keep odors at bay and make sure stale food smells are a thing of the past.

LG LFX31925ST Freezer Section

In the lower half of the unit is the freezer. It includes a three-tier approach to design, so food can be kept organized and neat – plus all within easy reach. The freezer door was a little bit stiff when first opened, but seemed to loosen up over time and then started to slide out easily.

It also has a quick-freeze and chill functionality letting you quickly get a food item such as ice cream back to a frozen state should it have got soft during transit from the shop to your LG refrigerator.

The LG freezer is energy efficient, and freezes to the optimum temperature whilst not using too much electricity. It has an Energy Star rating from the federal ratings board.

LG LFX31925ST Review – Conclusion

If you decide to buy the LG LFX31925ST fridge freezer then you are paying for capacity. As a brand LG are not the best on the market, but in terms of what you get as a dollar for dollar price you are getting something quite special – plus it includes a 10 year warranty for your own peace of mind.

The LG French Door refrigerator will quite simply deliver in terms of space, but they ease of use of the control panel does let it down ever so slightly, plus there’s no temperature alarm which is why our review doesn’t give it full marks – so we give this LG consumer rating a solid four out of five stars. Overall it is one of the best French Door Refrigerators on the market.

Make sure you shop around, because there are some very good best price LG LFX31925ST deals and bargains to be found on our price comparison charts – and these will be the cheapest LG refrigerator prices that you can find online and are updated on a daily basis.

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