Koolatron KWC-25 Review

The Koolatron KWC-25 is one of the largest Coca-Cola coolers on the market and comes with some top-end functionality not seen on other cheap Coke refrigerators, with the stand out item being the capacity to store 28 soda cans plus the LED display on the top. It is multi-purpose and would work great as a small office fridge or dorm fridge for those working on small budgets.

We give the Koolatron KWC-25 review a solid refrigerator rating of 2.5 stars out of a possible 5. Read on for the complete Coca Cola fridge review plus details on where you can get the best price deals on Coke fridges using our handy price comparison tools.

Coca Cola Cooler – Main Features

  • Countertop mini-refrigerator
  • Holds a maximum of 28 standard sized soda cans
  • Easy push button controls plus LED display
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Recessed door handle with self-locking mechanism
  • Dimensions of 15 x 14 by 20 inches

Different Operating Modes of the Koolatron KWC-25

Make sure that you read the instructions on this 25 can capacity Coca Cola fridge, because it comes with two different modes which you will need to be aware of. There are both normal and mute modes which can be switched, and when you first turn the Koolatron KWC-25 on it will emit a nice little roaring sounds – this will dissipate after a few seconds though so don’t worry about it. You can reduce any overall operating noise by switching the mini-fridge into mute mode

Keeping Soda Cans Cool with the Cola Vending Fridge

This small mini refrigerator has no problems keep your soda cans at a cool and chilled level, and during our Koolatron review tests it never dropped below 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It maintains this temperature level even when you place the unit into the quiet and mute mode as the Koolatron min-fridge walls are sufficiently insulated to keep drinks cold – even on hot summer days.

If you want to buy the Coca Cola cooler then you will also need to let it rest for up to eight hours once first switching it on, as this will let it cool to the correct and optimum temperature. Although it is intended to hold 25 cans, our recommendation is that you don’t actually place that many inside because this can lead to the internal air duct becoming blocked – and as an extra caution you will need to clean the fan ducts on the rear of the mini-fridge at least once a month.

If you don’t do this then the Coca-Cola vending fridge could suffer from a burn-out due to the rear air intake which must never be blocked – as this is what circulates the air inside the refrigerator.

Build Quality and Design Assessment

It looks great in its bright red color and definitely fits the bills for someone who wants a retro Coca-Cola style refrigerator. The frame seems sturdy enough and the red plastic coating does not have a cheap appearance like other small retro refrigerators. There’s also an LED light on the top of the unit that shines very brightly. This tells you in an instant what the internal temperature of the fridge is so you know when the perfect time to reach for a cold can of Coke will be.

It also serves as a portable fridge as with no soda cans stored it is very lightweight and has a top handle so you can simply pick it up and transport it from room to room. If you want to buy a cheap dorm fridge then the 25 can Coca Cola cooler can also be used in that way, because you can store small snacks and bottles inside it very easily. There’s an AC Adapter included plus it can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter meaning you can take it on trips or install it in a motor home too.

Condensation Issues with the Koolatron KWC-25

Condensation from the Koolatron mini-fridge can tend to develop on the bottom shelf and you will need to drain this off every couple of weeks – which is easy enough to do, but does let the overall design of this small Cola cooler down a little bit.

The LED light on the top of the Koolatron KWC-25 vending fridge is also too bright. We know that might sound like a strange thing to complain about, but if you have this as a small dorm refrigerator or in your bedroom then it can become quite annoying – so you might need to cover it over if you value your sleep!

Alternative Small Coca-Cola Vending Fridges

If the 25 can capacity model is too large or expensive for you then there are small vending fridges available at a cheaper price – some of which retail for under $100 Dollars. Below are some links to the lower end models in the Koolatron Cola mini-fridge range.

Koolatron KWC-25 Mini Fridge Review – Conclusion

Ultimately the design is what sells this Coca-Cola vending fridge. If you want something that looks cool and retro and has the capacity to store a lot of soda cans then the Koolatron KWC-25 will be a good purchase for you as a nice little beverage cooler.

However, it is let down by the points raised concerning the condensation leakage and the necessity to clear the rear air ducts every month. If you are prepared to overlook these slight annoyances then click on our price comparison tab for the best price Coca-Cola vending fridge prices. For that reason we give this compact refrigerator a consumer and customer rating of just 2.5 stars out of 5.


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