Koolatron CVF18 Retro Coca Cola 10-Can-Capacity Vending Fridge Review

The Koolatron vending fridge is ideal for people who want a small Coca Cola retro mini fridge, as it is perfect for storing soda cans and is small enough to fit in a bedroom or games room.

Continue reading on for an independent Coca Cola retro vending fridge review which gets a healthy 3.5 stars out of 5 rating from the Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website.

Koolatron CVF18 Review – Overview of Features

The Koolatron personal soda vending machine stands just over 18 inches high and comes in a plastic casing. Collectors will love the Coca-Cola themed fridge on this retro drinks can dispenser. It’s in the classic red Cola color and features the World-famous logo. It could almost be straight out of a 1950s or 1960s movie – that’s how retro this CVF18 10 Can vending fridge is.

But is it any good? My Koolatron vending fridge review has some plus points, and some minus points. I will start off with what I love about this small soda can fridge.

Firstly it looks cool and can take up to 10 standard sized Coke or soda cans inside it. It keeps the drinks cans ice cold, and in order to dispense one you press the corresponding button and the can drops off the shelf and comes out of the bottom tray.

This means you can have ice cold soda cans at your fingertips whenever you want them – whether in the office or perhaps next to your games console. It’s a definite conversation piece, that’s for sure!

It comes with a standard AC Adaptor and easily plugs into the mains, and does not seem to suffer from links or frosting issues – which is an important factor should you have your Koolatron CVF18 vending fridge on a carpet or near electrical equipment.

Coca Cola Mini Fridge Review – Technical Specifications

  • Retro Coca Cola Soda Fridge can hold a maximum of 10 12-ounce soda cans

  • Comes with a tall window display

  • Coke cans are dispensed just like a retro vending fridge

  • Keeps drinks ice cold at 32 degrees F below the room temperature

  • Runs on a 110-volt AC or 12-volt DC power (which is included)

  • Measures 18 2/3 inches by 12 inches by 28-1/2 inches

Cheap Koolatron Vending Fridge

You should not expect to pay any more than $180 dollars for this retro mini soda can refrigerator and the cheapest online price currently appears to be with Amazon so make you check out my price comparison tab near the top of this fridge review for all best price Koolatron options.

It will suit someone who is looking for a retro vibe for their home and kitchen plus could also be used in the following scenarios.

If the retro vibe isn’t for you then check out the range of Danby Compact Fridges also displayed on this website.

Where to Use the Koolatron 10 can Vending Machine

Some places which you could use the Koolatron soda vending machine include, but are not exclusive to (just use your imagination!):

  • As a small office refrigerator for soda cans or as an ice cold office drinks dispenser

  • When playing video games – ideal for console addicts who want a can of Coke.

  • Or even use as a small compact mini fridge if you live in an apartment

Coca Cola Retro Vending Fridge Review – Negative Points

So what are the minus points to this soda fridge? Well there is a slight design flaw in the way that it works as a dispenser which can happen occasionally. This is because the cans drop from whichever button you press to the corresponding shelf.

So if you are dispensing the top shelf can then you might want to leave the can to settle for 30 seconds – otherwise you might get a fizzy shock from where the can has had a hit on the bottom tray.

This Koolatron Cola fridge could also hold more cans because in my view, a ten capacity mini fridge isn’t really enough. Ideally I would be looking to hold 20 cans or more. But then, the size does limit the capacity.

Other than that though I do think this is one of the best retro soda dispensers on the market and for the cheap price you can’t go too wrong.

Koolatron CVF18 Review – Conclusion

If you want a retro-looking drink can dispenser that will look good and provide a conversation piece, then this could be a great little product for you. It’s not as robust as professional mini fridges but will hold 10 cans and works reasonably well. Refrigerator Reviews 4 U gives it 3.5 stars from a possible 5.

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