How to Replace a Samsung Replacement Water Filter & Aqua Pure Plus DA29 Model

All the modern Samsung refrigerators including the latest French door and Side by Side fridge freezer models come with external ice machine makers and water dispensers. The water filter will remove 99% of impurities and sediment meaning that you get clean and fresh tasting water at the touch of a button – which also applies to the crushed or cubed ice too.

Should You Replace Samsung Water Filters Every Six Months?

However, Samsung advise that the water filters are replaced at least every six months – but you don’t need to worry about knowing when to do this, because typically a small LED light will appear on the external LCD control display panel telling you when the right time to do this is.

If you have read any Samsung refrigerator reviews recently you will know that many customers are unsure on how to do this. Follow these instructions on how to replace your filter in a few easy steps (this will work for all the Samsung water filter da29 versions).

How to Change the Samsung Water Filter with a Replacement

This should only take you a few minutes at the very least because it’s actually quite a straight forward task – and one which most people can do in their own kitchen without then need to call out an expensive plumber. In fact, it’s fait to say that this really is as simple as changing a light bulb!

One thing to be aware of before you start: the water filter light indicator will flash telling you that you need to swap the filter out. But this light is actually done on a six month timer – so you might not need to replace your filter at all – but it is advisable because replacing it will reduce the chance of any sediment or harmful bacteria building up.

How to Replace a Samsung Water Filter – 5 Easy Steps

Here are the six easy steps in order for you to get a new replacement water filter replaced into your Samsung refrigerator or fridge freezer – please take the time to read them fully so you complete this task successfully:

  1. Firstly you will need to turn off your water shut-off valve by turning the tap to the left. You will find the shut-off valve behind the fridge freezer close to the water line that goes into the rear of the refrigerator.
  2. Next pull out the shelf which is located underneath the water filter and remove this completely. It’s good practice to have a towel near the water line and filter when you do this to catch any spillage that might occur.
  3. Now turn the water filter completely clockwise (to the right) until you can no longer turn it and then pull downwards (quite hard – don’t worry it won’t break anything) to remove the Samsung water filter in its entirety.
  4. Push your new water filter into the space and turn it tightly to the left (counter-clockwise) until you can turn it no longer – it will need to be done firmly so there’s no potential water leakage in the future.
  5. Finally replace the filter’s tray and go back behind the fridge where you can turn water shut-off valve back on and to the right – this will turn the water supply back on and you will now have fresh new tasting water ready to drink or make ice with!

Video Guide to Samsung Refrigerator Filter Replacement

Cheap Samsung Replacement Water Filters

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