Haier HNSB02 Review

The Haier HNSB02 compact refrigerator ideally suits someone who wants to buy a small cheap fridge freezer with the basics. It is very well suited to either an office environment as a min fridge for cold drinks and snacks, or is really good for a person who has limited space – say in an apartment, dorm or flat.

Read our completely independent Haier HNSB02 review below where we give it a consumer rating of 3 stars out of 5, and should you decide to buy then we also list the best price Haier refrigerators underneath the price comparison tab that you can see above.

So click on that for the cheapest deals on the Haier HNSB02 mini refrigerator. Please also take the time to read our Danby compact refrigerator review which is of a similar price but receives a slightly higher rating.

Overview of Haier Compact Refrigerator Features

  • Compact mini refrigerator with freezer
  • 1.7 cubic feet of internal capacity
  • Slide-out wire shelf
  • Inside door-storage shelves
  • Half-width freezer section
  • Thermostat with 7 different settings
  • Manual defrost plus drip tray and ice cube tray
  • Measures 18.3 x 19.3 x 20.2 inches (mini fridge)

Small and Compact Fridge Review from Haier

The Haier HNSB02 compact refrigerator is small, but very well formed with an internal capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. It will easily slide under a kitchen work surface, cabinet, desk, or can even be placed on top of a table should you not have huge amounts of room. Because it’s quite light, it’s easy to move the Haier mini fridge around should you need to place it anywhere else after you have connected it up to the mains. Many people have bought this model when their children have gone off to college as its ideal for small dorm rooms. If you need a compact refrigerator with a slightly larger capacity then please make sure you read our Haier HNSE032 3.2 cubic feet fridge review.

Not only is the Haier mini fridge small, but it’s also one of the cheaper compact refrigerators on the market. It includes a full-width slide out wire shelf which can easily accommodate bottles and plastic boxes with food in. In addition to that you will benefit from door storage shelves which can hold cans of drink and small deli items.

Should you need to adjust the temperature inside the Haier mini compact refrigerator then you can do that with the adjustable thermostat which is controlled via a dial on the back of the fridge. It has seven different temperature settings – including an off switch so you can save on electricity when not using it. This Haier compact refrigerator review paid particular attention to monitoring the temperature levels – and it does maintain the correct temperatures constantly, dependent on what setting you have selected.

External Aspects of the Haier Mini Fridge and Design Features

It’s not going to win any design awards, but then this is a functional and cheap refrigerator rather than a focal point of a modern kitchen design. There’s a recessed door handle on the front which means the fridge is flat in appearance and helps to save on space. The doors are also reversible which will help to cure that age old problem of installing a fridge, only to have the door opening the wrong or inconvenient way.

The lower half of the Haier comes with two front-levelling legs so you can stabilize the fridge if it’s being set on an un-even surface – so as you can see there are definitely some great design considerations which make this a very good all-purpose compact refrigerator.

Haier Mini Freezer Section with Ice Cube Tray

One of the most compelling reasons to buy the Haier HNSB02 refrigerator is the freezer section that’s housed in the top of the unit. There’s also an ice cube tray included which sits inside the freezer compartment which is in the top half of the refrigerator.

Generally the fridge freezer section is not as cold as you might like, but should be adequate for the purposes of chilling and keeping frozen items for a short period of time. The freezer will rarely need to be defrosted too and you will probably go a whole 12 months with never having to use the defrost option.

Is the Haier HNSB02 Compact Fridge Noisy?

No more than any other mini refrigerator of this size in truth. Yes there is a very low humming, but it’s not very audible. When you first connect it up you might hear a small rumbling noise – but this will disappear once the Haier has settled down and cooled ready for use. The manufacturer does recommend that you let the fridge settle for at least 24 hours before you actually start using it.

Haier Mini Fridge Review – Conclusion

We give the HNSB02 model 3 stars out of a possible 5. It’s a dependable and well-built mini-fridge at a very affordable price. Design wise it’s not the prettiest and really delivers on function over looks. According to the Energy Star rating iut will also only cost you $30 US Dollars a year to run – so really is an affordable product. The freezer section could be colder, but if you are buying a model this size, then chances are you won’t be storing frozen meats in it, but more likely to use the freezer section to cool down drinks and keep ice cream for a small amount of time.


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