Electrolux EW23BC71IS Review

The Electrolux EW23BC71IS stainless steel refrigerator with French Doors is one of the more premium-priced models on the market and gets a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5 from the Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website.

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Overview of the Electrolux EW23BC71IS Review

This model is a counter depth version, which means it should easily slot into any fitted kitchen cabinet set-ups with ease. If you are unsure what this means then please read our guide to what is a counter depth refrigerator for more information.

The stand-out main features of the Electrolux 22.6 capacity refrigerator include:

  • Water and Ice Maker – Situated externally in the door
  • Water Filter – To give clean fresh water and ice
  • Air Filter – Circulates clean air inside the refrigerator to prevent nasty smells
  • Spill-Proof Glass Shelves – You can remove to clean and easily catch liquids in them
  • Humidity Controlled Crisper – Control the freshness in your fruit and vegetable drawer

Now read the rest of this Electrolux fridge review where we go into all these features in detail and explain why we have given this a 3.5 star customer rating.

External Design of the Electrolux French Door Fridge Freezer

Being stainless steel, the EW23BC71IS refrigerator already steals a march on more standard white appliances, and it does have a stylish feel to it. Being stainless steel it will be naturally anti-bacterial and looks very clean and modern. Being a counter depth model it will also fit into your kitchen’s fixtures and fittings with no awkward spaces being left, as the unit will not jut out from your work surfaces and can be built-in to your cabinetry.

It also has an ice maker and water filter dispenser in the front left-hand door, meaning you won’t need to open the fridge should you need ice or cold water.

Bullet-Shaped Ice Cubes from the Dispenser

Over a 24 hour period, the Electrolux Counter Depth refrigerator can dispense up to 9 pounds of ice. The ice that it dispenses is in a bullet shape, rather than the conventional cubes, which makes for a nice, if non-essential added touch. The mechanism does seem a bit “heavy handed” though, as these bullets do literally come out as if shot from a gun. This is no real problem however; it just means that you will need to hold your glass a little bit closer to the dispenser.

Potential Problems with the Electrolux Ice Maker

Some customers have reported issues with the Electrolux EW23BC71IS ice maker and dispenser. Problems include water dripping, ice not dispensing, or the ice cubes not coming out all. During this Electrolux refrigerator review and rating there was no sign of any problems. The most recent models released have had this issue fixed, so if you do purchase this version in 2012 and beyond there should be no ice maker problems with it.

However, if you do experience any issues like this then please read our handy guide to Electrolux Ice Maker problems which includes solutions on how to fix them.

Helpful Door Alarm and Temperature Alarm

During our Electrolux French door refrigerator review we were particularly impressed with the alarm systems on the counter depth EW23BC71IS. If you leave the refrigerator door open for more than five minutes, an alarm will sound reminding you to come back and shut it. Not only will this save any food in the fridge, but can also help with electricity bills and the leaking of energy consumption.

There’s also an alarm to sound should the fridge freezer have a power failure – which could be essential should a fuse in your kitchen do and you aren’t aware of it. Potentially this feature could save you having all your food defrosting and going off. As well as power failure alarms it will also notify you should the interior temperature rise above fifty six degrees.

Internal Capacity and Storage of the Electrolux EW23BC71IS

This fridge freezer comes with 22.6 cubic feet of capacity which is ample enough storage for a family of four who might do one big shop once or twice a month. Opening the fridge up you immediately get a feel for the quality of the design as it is very impressive looking with some neat little touches – which all add up to the reasonably high Electrolux price you will pay.

The Electrolux fridge comes with one gallon sized door bin (which is clear so you can see what’s in there) plus three 2 litre removable door bins. The come out of the refrigerator very easily and have ample enough room for large milk and juice containers.

The shelves inside are all made a high quality glass, and have concave edges which make them spill-proof and easy to clean. Essentially should any liquid spill inside the refrigerator then you can easily remove the shelf with the liquid caught in the edges, and pour the mess down the sink and then wipe clean the glass.

The drawers inside the Electrolux French door model also glide in and out very easily, and feel like they have had some great design consideration to them. All the drawers are set on ball bearing gliders, so they glide out rather than being pulled out with that plastic upon plastic feel you get with cheap refrigerators.

The Electrolux Air Filter and Air Flow

This refrigerator comes with a unique air flow system that helps to keep nasty smells and odours at bay. Below is a video explaining how this system works.

Temperature Controlled Drawers for Different Food Types
If you want to set different temperatures to separate drawers inside the Electrolux then you can do that – and they can be adjusted from 28 to 40 degrees depending on what food you are storing. The drawers are also very large, and you can easily store a food platter in them after or before a party or can keep fresh meat at a colder level than say fruit and vegetables.

LED Lighting Inside the Electrolux Refrigerator

One of the most impressive aspects noted during this Electrolux refrigerator review was the superb attention to detail – and in particular when it came to the internal lighting. The lighting is all supplied by energy saving LEDs, and there’s even lighting inside the drawers. If you open a drawer then the section that you are not using will dim – pretty cool touch which all adds up when it comes to saving money on energy bills.

Controlling the Electrolux Refrigerator by Touch

The French Door Electrolux refrigerator comes with a very advanced digital display and control unit. It uses something that Electrolux call Wave-Touch controls meaning you just pass your hand over the display and it will activate and show you what settings are currently being used.

After you have set the temperature or humidity in the various sections, the controls will then dim out again until you next touch them. This is just another small item that makes this refrigerator one of the most energy efficient on the market – and in fact it is Energy Star graded to the minimum federal standard.

Electrolux EW23BC71IS French Door Review – Conclusions

It gets 3.5 stars out of 5 from us. We think this is a very good looking refrigerator and has some great little touches such as the lighting, wave touch controls, and a good use of internal space. Whilst some reviews state there to be problems with the ice maker, we have been assured by Electrolux that this was a problem on old models and is now fixed – so should you buy this model that should not be an issue.

The air flow filter works superbly, but above all this fridge freezer looks and feels very high quality – so whilst you won’t find very cheap price Electrolux counter depth refrigerators for under £2000 dollars – you will be buying a premium refrigerator which will last you for years.

The reason we didn’t give it closer to four stars in our review and ratings was purely down to the high price. Yes, you can buy cheaper French door refrigerators of a similar capacity – but they don’t have the luxury premium brand of Electrolux.

Price Comparison

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