Danby Diplomat DAR0488W Refrigerator Review

Our Danby Diplomat review rates this compact fridge at 2.5 stars out of 5. It’s a very cheap compact refrigerator that won’t come with a freezer unit, but it does deliver on the basic functions you would expect from a small 1.7 cubic foot fridge.

The components do seem a little bit cheap and some customers don’t believe that it keeps cold enough. That wasn’t the case during this Danby DAR0488W review – it’s a decent enough small white refrigerator so read on for the full review plus a price comparison table letting you find the cheapest Danby prices online.

Should you decide to buy the Danby DAR0488W then here’s the basic functions and features. Don’t expect too much for the price, and it will not come with a small freezer section unfortunately so is best used as a dorm fridge or beverage cooler.

Danby Diplomat Review – Overview

  • 1.7 Cubic Feet of Capacity (Small Compact Refrigerator)
  • Quiet Operation when Running
  • Will Automatically Defrost (Mechanical Thermostat)
  • Full-Width Wire Shelf x 1
  • Can Hold Tall Bottles in the Door

Danby Compact Fridge – Too Cold or Not?

Because the Danby Diplomat fridge gets so cold you will in fact need to lower the temperature in order make sure that drinks don’t get too frozen. A lot of online Danby compact refrigerator reviews will make special mention of the fact the Diplomat DAR0488W fridge does not get cold enough. Having trialled this model for a number of weeks in the shop I work in I can categorically state that this was never an issue during the fridge review period.

Robust & Tough Mini-Fridge

Please also not that the Danby DAR0488W mini-fridge is extremely robust and can be moved around with little to no visible impact to the general operation. Some fridges will need a settling down period after transit, but this Danby is a solid little unit and was up and running within minutes of it being un-packed.

One thing I did notice at first was there was a strong smell within the fridge when it first gets used – this would appear to be a hangover from the manufacturing process in the factory as it had that kind of aroma to it – but it’s certainly not a stinky fridge and the smell was gone after 24 hours of being plugged in.

Small Compact Refrigerator from Danby

It’s small enough to fit underneath a desk or a kitchen counter – making it an ideal compact under-counter refrigerator for people who live in smaller spaces or want to use this compact fridge in a room other than a kitchen.

Inside the Danby Diplomat Fridge

Internally there’s enough door space in the Danby Diplomat to store large soda bottles and a small shelf in the top of the door that can hold butter or cheese. Inside the compact fridge there’s one main shelf – and you can adjust the position by sliding it in and out on the grooves to adjust height.

The inner plastic mouldings that make up the Danby DAR0488W don’t seem to be made of the highest quality of materials and could in fact degrade or break over time through sustained and heavy use. You can adjust the temperatures using an internal thermostat dial – my recommendation is that you set this quite low to begin with until you find the optimum temperature preference for you and your food.

Other Best Price Compact Fridges

You should also consider these other compact refrigerator reviews if price is important to you. All of the models listed below are extremely affordable and sit within the 1.7 to 3.2 cubic feet capacity – and are compact fridges under $100 and $150 US Dollars price.

Danby Diplomat Review – Conclusion

This is a perfect small dorm fridge or a beverage cooler for someone on a strict budget. With a price point of under $100 Dollars then you should not expect all the bells and whistles that you might get on a more premium model. Considering how cheap it is though and the basic functionality that it serves – i.e. it keeps things cool and cold – the Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website rates this as a solid 2.5 stars out of 5.

It could be improved if any newer Danby compacts come onto the market at this capacity with improved quality of components – but that’s the only aspect that really lets it down. Some Danby reviews might state the fact that it’s not as cold as it could be which is why we’ve marked it down because there must be some instances of this – although all I can see is that that wasn’t an issue during our Danby Diplomat review – so make you own mind up. You can always return the item should you be unsatisfied with your purchase as there are long warranties with the refrigerator.


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