Danby DCR059BLE Compact Refrigerator Review

Danby DCR059BLE Compact Refrigerator Review

Danby is a very large kitchen appliance manufacturer based in North America and is renowned for their small compact fridges. This Danby mini fridge is one of their best selling compact refrigerators.

It’s easy to see why because the DCR059BLE can be used for people who have a lack of space (perhaps as a under counter refrigerator), or even to simply store wine, beer, cans of drinks, or smaller food items in a room other than the kitchen.

Read on for my full Danby compact refrigerator review, plus you can get all the cheapest online prices using the price comparison tab above. The RR4U Danby review gives this model a decent 3.5 stars out of 5 – and I will go onto explain why further down.

Works as a Danby Mini Fridge, Wine Cooler, or Wine Fridge

The Danby DCR059BLE review finds this to be a small refrigerator, but it will easily accommodate for small amounts of drinks and food. The total capacity of this Danby under counter refrigerator is 1.7 cubic feet which translates to being around 48 litres of storage.

Most people will use the Danby compact for drinks in a room other than the kitchen, but if you live in a small apartment by yourself then this could be just the best mini refrigerator for you as it also comes with a small freezer compartment. Here are just come of the main product features of the Danby compact refrigerator.

Overview of Danby Product Features:

  • Energy Star Compliant – Helps with household bills
  • CanStor Beverage Dispenser – Easy access to your drinks
  • 2 Litre Bottle Storage – Bottles of Cola, Wine will fit in easily
  • Full Width Freezer Section – For small frozen items
  • Integrated Door Handle
  • 1.7 Cubic Feet of Capacity – Equates to 48 litres
  • Stylish Black Color – Looks good wherever you put it
  • 192 High, 18″ Wide, 172 Deep – Small, compact, and cute

Danby DCR059BLE Review in More Details

So as I mentioned earlier, this model gets a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5, and the main reason for that downgrading in the review is due to the fact that it’s not made from the highest quality of materials. However, there are some very cool functions that cannot be dismissed and are what make this one of the best small compact refrigerators on the market – and the reason I say that is due to the cheap price (see price comparison tab) and the unique Danby addition of a freezer unit.

Danby Mini Fridge CanStor Beverage Dispenser – Any Good?

What is the CanStor compartment on the Danby mini fridge? If you can ignore the stupid name it’s actually pretty cool. The dispenser is set into the inner door compartment of the Danby DCR059BLE and has enough room for five standard sized drinks can (see the Large Photo tab if you want to take a closer look).

The drinks dispenser lets you take one can out from the bottom, and then the remaining ones will drop down into its place. It’s not particularly high tech, but works well enough. The only slight criticism would be that the cans will tend to rattle at a little bit when you open and close the mini fridge freezer door.

Danby have made great use of space with this feature and a knock on effect is that you do get a nice and thick sturdy door which makes the compact refrigerator feel a bit more robust than other models – although the internal components are not as hard wearing.

Additional Door Storage for Bottles and Wine

As well as the drink can dispenser, the Danby 1.7 cu ft compact refrigerator also has room for a large two litre bottle. This will easily hold a bottle of fizzy drink, but at a push I managed to squeeze two smaller bottles of wine into this compartment – although repeated squeezing like this could lead to damaging the unit over a prolonged period of time.
Don’t let that put you off though if you are looking for Danby wine fridge or wine cooler. I say that because it’s also possible to place bottles into the main fridge compartment – although this might compromise on space should you also be looking to store food produce.

Internal Shelving Capacity of the Danby Compact Fridge

There are two shelf spaces, one on the bottom, and then an adjustable one towards the middle section. You will have more room to store food on the middle section, because the bottom shelf is only half the size.

This is due to the engineering components that are set into the lower back part of the Danby compact refrigerator – but this is no different to any other brand or model of a similar 1.7 cubic foot size and capacity.

Save on Household Energy Bills with the Danby Small Refrigerator

Evidently the Danby mini fridge could be ideal for someone on a small budget, and if saving money is a deciding factor for you then you will appreciate the energy saving qualities of the DCR059BLE.

It is Energy Star qualified, and it has an estimated annual operating cost of just $27 dollars which makes it a very affordable compact fridge freezer – not only on energy savings, but also on the initial outlay cost when buying one.

This is because it will only use 252 kWh each year, which is an extremely low amount when compared to larger side by side or French door refrigerators.

Danby Small Freezer Compartment for Frozen Foods

They really have tried to fit everything they can into this small compact refrigerator, and the addition of a freezer unit means that it can work as a day to day mini fridge for a one-person household. The door to the freezer isn’t particularly sturdy so be sure to not handle it too roughly as you might end up breaking the hinges.

If the Danby compact fridge’s freezer compartment becomes too icy (which is common in small refrigerators) then there is a defrost button – but if you do use this then make sure you lay a towel underneath the unit in order to mop up and water when it defrosts.

You might find that after six months of use you will need to defrost the Danby compact refrigerator as the ice can start to leak from the freezer section and grow underneath the shelf.

Conclusion on the Danby DCR059BLE Review

Danby have a reputation for designing small compact fridge freezers that are cheap and affordable to buy – and the DCR059BLE mini fridge is no exception. Overall it rates 3.5 stars from the Refrigerator Reviews 4 U website as I believe it will offer a very good under counter or small compact freezer solution for someone on a budget.

The reason it loses a few marks is down to the quality of the components and the fact that the freezer will need to be defrosted reasonably regularly. Otherwise you are getting one of the best compact fridges from 2011 and it will probably last you for a good few years.


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