Danby DAR125SLDD Review

If you are living in a small apartment or a dormitory with limited space, you need to find a compact refrigerator that you can place in your kitchen that won’t take up too much room and is very affordable. This Danby DAR125SLDD review looks at all the top features of this Danby mini fridge and has been written in order to help you in effectively assess this appliance and also find the best deals online using our price comparison tab.

Read on to see not only the technical specification of the Danby fridge so you can decide for yourself, but we give this compact refrigerator review four out of five stars – making the Danby DAR125SLDD fridge one of the best small fridges on our website. It’s already becoming very popular with young people who want a small refrigerator and we recommend this model to be possibly the best dorm fridge that money can buy in 2012. Read on for the full review.

Features of the Danby DAR125SLDD

  1. Spotless steel finish – This feature makes the Danby mini fridge look like a stainless steel compact refrigerator. However, smudges and fingerprints won’t easily show on the surfaces of this fridge unlike real stainless steel refrigerators.
  2. Reversible door – This model of Danby mini fridge has reversible door features. This allows you to open the refrigerator door from the left side or the right side.
  3. Glass-top vegetable crisper – The see-through glass top on the vegetable crisper will ensure that you consume the veggies inside your refrigerator before they get spoiled.
  4. CanStor beverage dispenser – You can easily access beer and soda cans from the Danby mini fridge as there is a can holder located on the inside portion of the refrigerator’s door.

Description of the Refrigerator

As you can from our Danby DAR125SLDD Review, this model is a compact refrigerator. This 4.4 cubic feet Danby mini fridge is even considered by many as the best dorm fridge because of its size and functionality. However, you can also use this at home if you need additional refrigeration but have limited space in your kitchen.

The reversible door feature is particularly useful as you can position the fridge anywhere you want without affecting its usability and performance. In fact, you can even use the top portion of the unit as an additional working space when placed beside counters. The scratch-resistant surface can surely provide for that much needed room for your other kitchen activities.

As the best dorm fridge, this unit can accommodate drinks in can as well as fruits and vegetables. It is also useful as a storage space for preserving leftover food or for keeping meats and other food products fresh for an extended period of time.

Pros and Benefits of this Mini-Fridge

  • It’s very efficient – The Danby mini fridge DAR125SLDD model is very quiet and it can keep everything inside the unit nice, cold, and fresh. The shelves are adjustable so you can position these according to your preferences. There are also slots on the inside portion of the door for soda and beer cans for easy access.
  • There’s plenty of room inside – Despite being a compact refrigerator, this model is capable of accommodating a lot of stuff like milk, fruits, vegetables and snacks. You can fill it in as you please and use it as a storage to keep your food fresh.
  • Easy to clean – This Danby mini fridge DAR125SLDD model is easy to clean because the surfaces are spot-resistant. It also requires minimal maintenance because it is incorporated with a frost-free design.

Cons and Negative Aspects

  • Some consumers are complaining that the reversible door on this model is not working as it should. So be aware of this possible scenario when considering purchasing the product. During our tests though we did not experience this at all so take this one with a pinch of salt.

Danby Customer Ratings and Reviews

Overall the Danby DAR125SLDD compact refrigerator has an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars at the Amazon.com site. Here are some of the customer reviews that you will find on said site and some of the great comments that other customers have already made:

  • “We purchased this refrigerator for our outside entertainment bar because of its size and energy efficiency rating. So far we are very satisfied.”
  • “The door really is spot resistant; we are not constantly cleaning it! This was a great purchase; we highly recommend this item.”
  • “It was one of the few compact refrigerators we found that was frost free. It runs very quietly and chills very well.”

Danby DAR125SLDD Review – Conclusion

We highly recommend the Danby mini fridge and give it a very impressive four out of five stars. It’s one of the best Danby compact refrigerator reviews on our website and is perfect to be placed in homes and offices with limited space.

With the superb features and stainless steel-looking design it’s up there as one of the best dorm fridges that money can buy if you are a student. Or you can also use this in a small apartment or kitchen as this Danby compact refrigerator is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces up against walls – or it can also serve as an additional working space when positioned beside countertops.

So as you can see from our Danby DAR125SLDD review, this model of mini refrigerator really does offer sufficient amount of storage space despite of its very compact exterior.


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