Creative Bathroom Decor Ideas

Quite a number of people tend to completely neglect their bathroom renovations but the fact is; this is one area of the house with a great deal of potential as far as redecoration and upgrading are concerned. There are quite a number of ideas with regard to redecorating the bathroom area either when moving house or simply upgrading what you already have. Here are some of the ideas and tips on how to decorate your bathroom with style.


One of the most common colors for bathroom walls is white and this is mostly because it makes everything look clean and pristine. The only problem with having white walls is that they do not bring about a feeling of comfort and stylishness. A better idea would be to use more neutral colors like silver. A nice modern pattern in this color will make your bathroom stand out. Seeing that the bathroom environment is usually moist; it is important to ensure that the walls are treated for mold before painting commences.


Fixtures are basically the focus points in any bathroom. Installing and changing them is not a very difficult task. You can achieve a very modern look for your bathroom by installing brushed aluminum handles, faucets and shower heads. For shower doors and shelves, adding glass will also accentuate that modern feel as well as installing huge mirrors. Square or rectangular mirrors with straight edges are the best for this kind of scenario.


If you have old and bulky toilets in your bathroom, it is almost impossible to achieve a modern look. The solution therefore is to remove them and in their place install smaller, slick surface toilets. In addition, sinks that have been mounted on walls can be replaced with vessel bowl on countertop; this will definitely make the bathroom area look more modern. An alternative to cabinets would be free-standing wooden vanity. The darker the furniture the more modern it will appear.


Bathroom lighting is one feature that most people tend to overlook. In order to bring a bit of modernity into your bathroom, consider replacing fluorescent lighting with track lighting. Three piece light fixtures and pendant lighting will also look quite great. For any modern bathroom space, glass embellished metallic lighting is the way to go.

 Tile and Granite

Countertop surfaces that feature dated tiles should be replaced with granite. Granite makes surfaces appear sleek and attractive hence greatly contributing to the overall modern appearance of the bathroom. By using black granite, your bathroom will ooze boldness and modernity and will also compensate for the absence of glass features.

 What to avoid

If you want to make your bathroom appear modern, there are certain colors that you will have to completely avoid for example yellow, blue, green and purple. Splashing a bit of color here and there is not bad for a modern look; going overboard however will simply mess up everything up. Where possible, fixtures and furniture made from wood should be avoided. As much as metallic fixtures greatly contribute to the overall modern feel, there are some metal coatings that will make everything look a bit old namely: gold and copper.

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