Best luxury toilets 2021- Kohler Numi vs Toto Neorest vs Inax Regio

If you have every visited Japan then you know that their toilets are beyond this world. It seems that the Japanese adopted the luxury toilets before anyone else. However it seems that the luxury toilet bug is spreading across the USA and Europe. Forget high definition TVs, and luxury Cookers and fridges, the war of the living room has literally gone to the toilet!( Pun intended). Previously the technology seemed to be stuck in the commercial restrooms with hand free faucets and cyclonic hand dryers.

The three leading luxury toilet brands are the USA made Kohler’s Numi , The Japanese Toto’s Neorest and the Inax Regio.

While many have been heard to grumble that this is just too much luxury- it is possible to get used to it much like heated car seats, and auto starts. For example I don’t own a Neorest but had the luxury of spending a month in Japan at a Japanese’s friend who has one which allowed me to know everything I need to about it .And to be honest I enjoyed the experienced tremendously and spent a lot of time in the bathroom reading magazines and enjoying the experience.

KOHLER K-3901-0 Numi Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet Seat, White

Check KOHLER K-3901-0 Numi on

While I could begin with listing features of the Numi the most important thing is that there are no levers and buttons to fiddle with. The touch screen remote control ( equal to the size of my Ipod touch) is used to manage the settings as you sit . With it you will control flushing , cleaning drying, music , heating and many other functions. Best of all the settings can be saved for individual family members so you don’t have to set them up every time you visit the bathroom. When you leave you simply dock the remote in a magnetic charging cradle mounted on the wall. However not to worry- if the remote ever fails – there are some buttons in the rear of the toilet which you can use.


The Numi has a luxurious physical design . I looks less like a toilet and more like a large square block. However while it is boxy on the outside it is round at the point where you sit. The rear panels are translucent while the LED lights will illuminate the toilet when it sense that the room is dark. There is also a LED on top of the bowl to guide you in the dark. To make it better the intensity of these two lights can be adjusted with the accomapnying remote.

One of the things we also like is that the Numi will hear you coming. As you approach its sensors will make the toilet lid to rise. If you are a guy you will see a beam of light on the right hand side and if you place your foot on it the toilet seat will rise . When done just break the beam again and the toilet will flush and toilet seat will go down. Sweet!!

Don’t forget that the seat is heated – and yes you can adjust the temperature with the remote control. If its cold outside the toilet can even blow air and warm your feet.
We also love that the Numi has what can be termed as bidet features. It will wash ( spray you with water) and dry you ( blow air) with a wand that extended ( retractable) from under the set. Dont worry you can adjust it so it wont splash you all over. It takes about 8 second to clean you up

It ha a mode for men and another for women. And for a cherry on top- you can also adjust and aim the pressure of the air blasts and the water’s spray pattern – from a continuous blast to an oscillating pattern with your remote . If you want to be double sure that it did its job you can use some TP. But you will find that it has done its job really ell. The Numi takes cold water and heats it itself. Well the experience is just amazing.

The Numi flushes in two mode which are more efficient than current federal standards. The “Flush eco” is also like a regular flush but uses very little water- about half a gallon – when up to one hand half gallons are allowed in the US). The “Flush Full “ flushing mode is two staged that used about 1.3 gallons. If you go number one you can use the Flush Eco and the Flush Full if you go number 2. And don’t worry the Numi will know which one you did and act accordingly. You also set the flushing options to take place automatically. Over the long run you will save a lot of water and contribute to a better environment.


The Numi also comes with music. It has an FM radio with stereo speaker and 3 presets . You can store the presets in the remote . Indeed you can connect you MP3 and therefore listen to your playlists. Or you can upload some audio books too. The audio quality ( 15 watt speakers) is not Bose quality but is is quite good. Not to worry the speakers are position in the rear so they will not be vulnerable – if someone was to pee all over or throw up.

The bowl ( 15 by 26) will clean itself automatically .The Deodorizer uses activated oxygen to break molecular bonds of odor. So there is no after smell. Since the rim is coated with Sanagloss its self cleaning functionality is a breeze. The Sanagloss seals porcelain and repels any article from adhering to it . So when the toilet flushes it will remove all stains and lime build up that you see with other toilets. It also remove invisible organism such as bacteria.

The Toilet seat and cover can be easily removed with one Touch enabling cleaning in those hard to reach areas.

One of the things we love about the Numi is that your wife will never again harangue you for leaving the toilet set up. Eh toilet knows when you are away and close the lid!. And if the lid every failed to go down- you can tell your wife the toilet is the one that did it .!It does not get better than this.

KOHLER K-3901-0 Numi Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, White Product Features


Compact, streamlined form
Hands-free opening and closing of the toilet seat
Advanced bidet functionality with integrated dryer
Water Efficient Flush uses only 1.28 or 0.6 gallons
Enhance your environment with lighting, heating and music

However remember that the Numi has some many technological advanced that it can always have computer type problems. It comes with a 43 page manual which will enable you to fix any problem or even reboot the toilet.

“My boyfriend has lived in a high priced luxury hotel in Tokyo for over a year now, and he has mentioned the toilet 8 or nine times.”

Note that you will need an electrician to plug the toilet in. If it plays a starting up tune every time- but you can disable the feature.

The Numi lifts and lid and lower it with no rush . So if you really have to go quick you can lift the lid yourself.
The sensors are very sensitive so if you go anywhere near it – the lid will go up. So ensure that you have enough room for it.
Numi will be enjoyed by “those consumers who want the best — they want the latest in design and technology [and] want a fashion statement in their home,” and “the luxury [toilet] market is coming back”
David Kohler, Kohler president


Regio Toilet Complete


Check The Regio Inax on

The Regio Inax looks like it is has better design and features than the Toto- NeoRest for about the same price.
With Inax Regio you have to move the water supply to the left. With this one even the partial flush is powerful enough to move solid waste. After a few years all toilets need a little bit of TLC. Inax have two warehouse in East and West coast and a tech center in New York. So you wont have to order replacement parts from a factory in Japan. However the warranty should pretty cover you in the early years.


Inax Regio Features

Silent stream flushing system
Soft light
Relaxing music
Fully automatic flush
Fully automatic toilet seat system
Adjustable water pressure and temperature
Slow-down seat and lid
Heated seat with temperature control
Warm air dryer
Advanced glazing technology
Three year limited warranty
The Regio will automatically play music. It also has a silent dual flushing mode

The Toto500 takes a little longer ( claims 15 mins) for seat to warm up compared to Inax regio. Neorest heats up almost immediately.
The Inax Regio will use tank heater so you will never run out of hot water.

The TOTO Neorest 500 0r 600 models

The Toto NeoRest 550 has a an automatic lid , remote control , dual flush and bidet. The Numi has helped Kohler to compete with its Japanese rival Toto which had the Neorest luxury toilet brand as well as the regular priced and popular Toto Drake toilets among other models.
The Toto Neorest is a toilet and a washlet.


“We love ours. You adapt very quickly… like to air conditioning, email, Facebook, and cell phones… Couldn’t imagine living without it now. Click here to read more.

TOTO MS990CGR-01 Product Features


Check The TOTO MS990CGR-01 on

It comes with a convenient remote control just like the Numi.
Sanagloss ceramic glaze cleans toilet bowl
It has an automatic flush and will open and close lid- as one one approaches it
The east is adjustable and heated .
The Washlet feature has 3 modes (front, rear, soft)
It comes with a built-in air purifying system to remove odors
Length 32-7/8-Inch, Seat Height 16-1/4-Inch, Height 22-1/4-Inch, Width 17-5/32-Inch

The Neorest is a water saving toilet .It has two flushing modes one uses1.6 Gpf/6.0 Lpf and the other 1.2 Gpf/4.5 Lpf.

It comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

You can get it in various colors such as the standard cotton white and sedona beige.

Usually the bathrooms are a pit stop on the way of life- hurried and quick. But if you are one of those people who like to read a magazine and take your time you will enjoy either of these toilets. Well finally you cannot get online with this toilet. I am sure that will be in the next generation of toilets. If you have a windscreen plasma in your home and other luxury amenities then why not have a luxury toilet.

Most of these toilets will work great but the Numi while great and our top choice due to the desing and features -is not as revolutionary as you may think. All the functions that it has have been in the Toto Neorest for almost a decade.( But Kolher wont tell you that).

When the Toto’s Neorest 600 came out it cost $5800 while the Wisconsin based Kohner’s Numicost $6390. The Neorest and the Numi are now priced at about the same $4000. The Inax Region is more expensive. While you may pay about $4k for these luxury toilets , you still wont have the most expensive toilet in the world that goes to the Japanese Company- Hang Fung Gold Technology who created a 24 carats gold toilet worth a cool $37 million dollars.

Where to buy
The best place to buy is at Amazon. They have the lowest prices and they will respond to you faster than the manufactures can in many cases. If you ever need replacement or have queries Amazon ill respond fast. They have even sent me replacements for defective items that I had not even shipped back to them. However we keep an eye on other vendors that have these luxury toilets for competitive prices below.

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