The Best Kohler Toilets For 2021

​Kohler toilets are probably one of the best known brands in toilets and they are also known to have quality tied to their name. When I was trying to ​assemble a list of some of the best Kohler Toilets, I found so many models to choose from and sorting through all of that took a lot of time and research on my part.

​There were a few Kohler models that really stood out in their respected categories (value, one piece, two piece, etc.) and I decided to post those specific models, which gave me a pretty diverse list but also let me show the “cream of the crop” as well. I am happy with the results, which speak for themselves:

First, The Best Rated Kohler Toilet…

The 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height from KOHLER certainly has a distinct look that has the integrated tank hanging out a few inches to one side of the unit.

The extra capacity from this quirk is welcome, in any case, and will go a long way with this toilet’s ultra-low water consumption at just 1.28 gallons per flush.

KOHLER Santa Rosa

The simple, one-piece design keeps installation and maintenance simple, while its seamless build helps to make it easy to clean. The seat is set up at a good height, making this commode easy to use even for taller adults. The elongated bowl helps in that regard, as well.

Most of the components is included out of the box, including toilet seat and lid. You would just need to have your wax ring and supply line to get started. The water savings is pretty significant, too, with KOHLER claiming up to 16,500 gallons saved per year when compared to an older 3.5 gallon toilet.

Next, The Best Value Kohler Toilet:

The K-3977-0 Wellworth Round-Front Body from KOHLER is a sleek, sculptural fixture that has its place in every modern bathroom.

Even the side-mounted flush lever is specially designed, and the whole kit looks chiselled and clean from every angle.

KOHLER Wellworth(3977)

A few other thoughtful touches comes into this commode, too, including a tank cover lock and an extra-glossy finish to this two-piece toilet. This Wellworth is not just all looks, with KOHLER’s trademark Class Five flushing system that delivers a powerful, bowl-scouring flush with just 1.6 gallons of water.

Builders will also save a lot of time with this kit, as it comes with 3 pre-installed tank bolts that saves a lot of time in getting this unit up and running. The round-front shape of the bowl also saves space for the more compact bathrooms, although you might prefer an elongated bowl.

Third, The Best Kohler 1 Piece Toilet:

The K-3615-96 Gabrielle Comfort Height from KOHLER is another compact, one-piece kit designed for absolute comfort even while it saves space in your bathroom.

Set at a generous heights, even the tallest of users will have few problems getting settled in or rising from this commode.

KOHLER Gabrielle

The elongated bowl helps occupants sit comfortably, as the included Grip-Tight Reveal toilet seat prevents shifting. After use, pressing the left-hand side lever activates the powerful AquaPiston canister that sends water into the bowl from all sides, rinsing it clean with just 1.28 gallons of water with every use.

Owners who got the Gabrielle were surprised at how powerful the flush is, especially one that’s done by a low-consumption 1.28 gpf toilet. The Biscuit color also gives this toilet a classic, ivory-hued finish that gives a sleek yet comforting finish perfect for classic bathrooms.

Now, The Best Kohler Low Flow Toilet:

The Highline Classic 1.0 GPF Comfort Height from KOHLER is one of their most water-efficient models available, using a single gallons of water in every flush.

Even then, this commercial-strength flush quickly and quietly handles solid masses with no problem.

KOHLER pulls off this feat by combining its trademark Class Five flushing technology that sends jets of water rinsing the bowl, with its gravity flushing design that creates a strong suction force that pulls solid bulk through a precision-designed trapway.

KOHLER Highline Classic 1.0

​All this power is bundled in a high-profile toilet that seats users at a comfortable height, presenting no problems to adults, even those with hip or leg issues. The elongated bowl keeps occupants comfortable, as well. Note, though, that the flush lever is on the right hand side for this variant.

Finally, The Best Kohler 2 Piece Toilet…

This K-3987-0 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet from KOHLER gives users the versatility they need to save water with every flush.

The nested left-side trip lever gives a choice between a light, 1.1-gallon flush for liquids or the full 1.6-gallon flush for solid bulk.

Whichever flush mode the user chooses, this Wellworth gets rid of liquid or solid wastes quickly and quietly through its oversized, 2-⅛-inch glazed trapway.

KOHLER Wellworth(3987)

KOHLER’s trademark Class Five flushing technology is implemented in this toilet, with a canister design that keeps the seal from being exposed to water for years of leak-free performance.

As a Wellworth model, this two-piece kit is fully compatible with other KOHLER Wellworth options. Which is just as well, since this kit does not come with its own seat – you would need to find one to fit its round-front bowl. You should check the height as well, since this Wellworth is just 14-½ inches high and is not the Comfort Height model.

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