Majority of the time, buying handheld shower head for our bathroom is something of great importance.

Sure, we will all agree up that fact that any bathroom in this 21st century without any shower head or one of the best handheld shower head is incomplete. That’s why we have done our best to make sure we bring to you the list of best handheld shower head review for 2017.

In a situation where you have formerly falling victim of buying a low quality handheld shower head and you will like to get a better one, I personally think your best option is to make sure you go through this guide and get a new one for replacement.

Now, in this case, you have two options to choose from, you can either go for the ones we have managed to review to you below or rather you go for the one you feel will suit you, but I can boldly say we have managed to bring to you the best ones in the market so you can have lots to choose from.

Best handheld shower head 2017

They are some couple of things you have to put in mind when it comes to choosing the best handheld shower head. Apart from the fact that it is necessary for you to know the compatibility, you always need to check out properly if the manufacturers are good enough and what review the handheld shower head is getting from the store you are buying it from.

Believe it or not, quality is something that should be considered seriously when you want to buy the best handheld shower head. Today, we have done our best to pick for you top four best handheld shower head review for 2017 with the aim of helping our reader buy the best product out there.

Vida Alegría
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Unfortunately, some people still fall victim of buying the wrong product, because lots of them usually miss out on some important informational perhaps because they don’t care or pay attention.

In simpler words, the shower heads are basically the shower that has handheld and are sometimes use ahead of other showers in the bathroom.

We make use of the word “Bathroom”  because these handheld shower head are installed in a lot of bathroom than just other part of the house. The spray water passage are created to make sure water flows well and with some usually flow as high pressure.

Believe it or not, a bathroom in this 21st century without a shower head is incomplete, and bathing are usually not always easy without shower heads.

That is the bulk reason why we high recommend you to read our product review carefully so you won’t fall victim of buying the wrong ones.

Delta 58471-PK – Best Handheld Shower Head to Buy Right


Delta is a prolific company that has participated in the production of great shower head most especially the handheld ones.

So, when we also heard that they usually produce handheld shower heads for the first time, we were generally excited to take a look at that because why not.

The particular model we are taking a look now at is known as Delta 58471-PK; now do keep in mind that this is the best you can get out there; as our review team made it known to us that it is a very good one and finally fans who bought the product from Amazon in the past finally confirmed that to us.

For those that are might full of the shower battery life, you don’t have to give yourself head ache when it comes to such as this particular shower does not require Battery.

Now when it comes to choosing the right handheld shower out there, people need some convincing simply because there’s always a cheap one to go for out there. The reason why I will advise you to go for this particular handheld shower is rather simple; this one comes with some great features which makes it one of the best out there.

However, we might not to be too chance to review them to you one after the other. But you can also follow the link to Amazon to check that out if you are willing.

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Vida Alegría H5SET-CH – Most recommended


The next handheld shower head on our list is known to be Vida Alegría H5SET-CH; now this is perhaps one of the most popular handheld shower heads that are available in the market today, and that’s because this particular company gives a whole hell of time in the manufacturing of handheld shower heads.

Ensuring that you making use of the best possible handheld shower heads.

With that said, Vida Alegeria H5SET-CH is made out of quality material, and should in case you are willing to find out what the material is for this specific handheld shower head, then you should know this was finished out of Chrome.

Now much like the best handheld shower heads out in the market, this one also come with a very decent amount, so that makes it very afford to purchase and also help you in saving huge ahead for other projects.

The really good thing about this shower is that there are absolutely great fan review from Amazon, which confirmed it to be a very good one to go by, with an assurance of making use of it for a very long time which makes you save the money that will have been spent in buying and changing of showers almost all the time.

Overall, the Vida Alegría H5SET-CH is perhaps one of the best handheld shower heads that are available in the market at the time of writing, with some decent qualities like, Shower Handle, Pivoting Holder, Stretchable Metal Hose, Illustrated Instructions, Teflon Tape, and Warranty Card.

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Hansgrohe 04072000


The next handheld shower we are taking a look at is from Hansgrohe, and it known to be a very good one to go for in the market today. Now when it comes to shower heads the market is filled with lots of them, most especially handheld showers, however, finding the right one is something very, very crucial.

So many don’t usually discover the importance of handheld shower heads until they end up losing the one that has been doing a very great job in their bathrooms, and they are forced to buy and install a brand new one. Now when you are checking out for the new handheld shower head, there are some couple of things you may have to put at the back of your mind.

You need to look at fans review properly so you can always hear from those that purchased the product on Amazon in the past. The Hansgrohe 04072000 aim is to make sure the consumer gets the best service he/she can ever get out of a handheld shower head.

First things first, the handheld shower head are available in different sizes, and while this is something that not too many people would fail to understand but considering how the variety in size of shower heads, it’s very crucial to check out for the sizes properly.

The type of material used for this handheld shower head is known to be Ceramic, which confirms it to be a very good shower, and with it not requesting for battery confirms it to very good one to buy right now.

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Delta GID-555086


We are now talking about a good and a really great handheld shower head from Delta once again, now for those that don’t know Delta is a company known to producing some finest handheld shower head that are available in the market. However, so many people out there usually overlook the creativity of this company and the handheld shower heads make available in the market for customers.

The particular brand we are looking at is known to be Delta GID-555086, it is one of the best handheld shower heads in the market as the time of writing, and comes with great features which make you get the best you can ever get out of a handheld shower head.

Delta uses high-quality Plastic for the manufacturing of these amazing handheld shower head, allowing it to last for a very long time, also having the ability for water to flow at high pressure which makes it another perfect one to buy. In addition to that, these are cleverly designed with Traditional / Classic style to make it look very presentable in the sight of visitors.

Another great thing about this handheld shower head from Delta GID-555086 is that they don’t request for battery which makes it last longer. This is a very great benefit for whoever maybe buying this across handheld shower heads that doesn’t request for Battery and you can always check on those that make use of the ones that require battery to know how lucky you are to find this handheld shower head.

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What is a handheld shower head?

A handheld shower head as it is called can actually be defined as a shower head that can usually be able to manipulate with hand to have great deep clean results you always wish to.

Advantages of a handheld shower head

Carry able: An Handheld shower head can easily be carried around and use to wash whatever part of your body you want to without going thought much stress.

Wash wherever you want to: It fact that is can easily be carried around makes it easy for you to turn the shower any part of your body you want to wash.

Great for kids: bathing for kids with a handheld shower head makes your work very easy and fast. Because you will be able to easily direct your spray on to your children.


So, I think that is all! We tested some of our best handheld shower head that are available for sale in the market at the moment. Do keep in mind that we just had to review 4 because that’s how things works, and the market will never treat you that way.

Obviously, they are lot of handheld shower heads in the market, and as a consumer, it is left to you to purchase anyone you feel its the best. However, falling victim of buying the wrong product is easy, and especially when you are buying a product like handheld shower head and not having proper information to guide you on your purchase.

Well, don’t worry we have gone as far as coming up with a product review for this topic, so for sure our guide will be helping you in picking the best out of the best handheld shower head out in the market. We are hoping you have a good time in choosing and should in case you still have a problem or not sure about something you can kindly put that up to us via commenting below.

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