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You might think a toilet is a toilet and there’s no particular reason to favor one over the other, that only price matters. That’s a fair point of view. However, in the case of the American Standard 2889.216, you might just be missing out on a very good thing if you adopt that position. Some models do offer considerably better value for your money than others. This is one such example.

Two-Piece Round Design

It’s true that if you don’t look too closely at the American Standard 2889.216 you might think it’s just another toilet. Take a closer look and you’ll soon see otherwise.

It’s round, yes. That just means it looks more like the traditional toilet you’ve seen for decades rather than the newer elongated style that is becoming increasingly popular. And, it’s two-piece, certainly. That’s distinguished from the one-piece style that “welds” the tank to the lower section; the two-piece is another traditional design element. But the dual-flush button on top of the tank is just the first external indication that there’s more here than meets the eye.

For one thing, it weighs a ‘mere’ 82 lbs. That’s far from light but as toilets go it’s on the lower side for a contemporary design. By comparison, for example, the American Standard 2034.014 is 119 lbs and it isn’t the heaviest unit around.

For another thing, it uses the American Standard EverClean materials technology. That might sound like just a marketing buzzword but it has a very functional meaning, actually. EverClean toilets have a surface that hinders the growth of organisms that stain and create unhygienic conditions. EverClean toilets like the 2889.216 are both healthier and easier to keep clean.

Dual Flush: 1.6 GPF – 1.0 GPF

As a Dual Flush model, the 2889.216 offers a number of other benefits. Using one option, such as when you need only to eliminate liquid waste, it will use only 1.0 gallons per flush. Because the 2889.216 can use as little as 1.0 GPF it qualifies under the Federal government’s EPA guidelines as a WaterSense model. Just look for the label. And, you can save considerably on your water bill over the course of a year with this type of toilet.

Even the option that executes a full flush uses only 1.6 GPF. That’s less than half the amount of older models such as those that exist in homes built before 1992. Those typically used 3.5 gallons every time you hit the handle.

Equally nice, here there’s no handle to hit (or for the kids to break). The buttons on the top are pretty near indestructible. At the same time, the button isn’t going to strain your thumb or fingers when you press it, as some models do. You do have to hold down for a couple of seconds or more with this model, a minor drawback.

Yet, despite that conservative and money-saving use of water, you don’t have to worry about whether the 2889.216 will do the job. Some older high-efficiency toilets were not so efficient. After all, it’s not efficient if you actually have to flush twice in real-world use. Not a problem with this unit.

H2Option Technology

Until now most dual flush toilets rely on what is known as a “washdown flush”. With a washdown flush, the push of water rushing from the tank to the bowl cleanses the bowl and removes waste but it can also create unintended unpleasant splashing.

H2Option toilets from American Standard are the first truly siphonic dual flush toilets, with forceful but quiet jetted action under the rim. H2Option technology adds more pressure to the water from under the rim of the bowl. The 2889.216 shoots water jets around the rim where there are a series of chambers. Air in the chambers amplifies the force to push the ongoing coming water forcefully out into the bowl providing a powerful cleansing action. The technology isn’t mechanical, though, so there’s no worry over parts that can wear out or break.

Interestingly, and a little surprisingly, that more forceful mechanism generates a lot less unpleasant splashing from the bowl. Also interestingly, that technology doesn’t add a lot of noise. Most HETs are a little louder than a traditional toilet, some quite a bit. Most, not all. In this case, you’d be hard pressed to hear the difference, even with that extra force in operation.

By the way, that pressure-enhancing technology gives rise to one part of the American Standard 2889.216′s alternative name – the H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Two-Piece Toilet. Simply stating the alternative moniker is enough to show why I prefer to refer to this model simply as the 2889.216.

Despite that power there’s no worry about this model “getting the job done”. It’s rated for the ability to flush up to 1000 grams. Naturally, like me, I’m sure you’ve never weighed your waste. So, the thing to do is watch the video of one of these HET models from American Standard in action. You’ll see it easily dispose of a small bucket-worth of golf balls in a single go.


As one of the (relatively) lighter models around the 2889.216 is easier to install than many models. Easier, not easy. They’re still hefty and at 29 1/2″ high x 15″ wide x 27 3/4″ deep it’s still large enough to make moving into a smaller space somewhat challenging. If you have help during the process some dancing around might be required. That said, the tank is smaller than conventional designs and stands away from the wall a bit more. That makes installation decidedly do-able by a team.

Also, something the company calls Speed Connect makes it even easier to install than usual. That method provides factory-installed bolts and grommets, along with some pre-assembly, to cut down time and complexity. You’re much less likely to lose anything and there’s less fiddling during the process.


The American Standard 2889.216 isn’t the most stylish toilet around. If you’re remodeling and looking specifically for something to dress up the bathroom this probably won’t be the one you want. But if you’re interested chiefly in function you can’t go wrong here. It’s powerful yet quiet, and easy to use and keep clean. Best of all, it works so well you’ll find plunging duty reduced to only very rare occasions.

The American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Two-Piece Toilet comes in traditional white (2889.216.020), but also in Linen (2889.216.222) and Bone (2889.216.021). For a model that is on the lower end of the price scale, you could hardly do better.

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