American standard gives you one after another best toilets. This time it is Cadet 3 toilet from American standard is one of the best toilets around. They are know for producing modern toilets.

This toilet gives you a choice to own a black color toilet if are fond of dark colors. It also has other colors like white, bone, and linen.

It is a great whole family toilet having lot of amazing features. Our reviews of this toilets covers main features of this toilet and genuine feedback about it.

Dimensions of American Standard 2386.010.178 Cadet-3 Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

This toilet has a rough in of 10 inch. It has elongated toilet bowl. It is a two piece toilet with tank and bowl and it is very effective. This is a right height toilet for providing you maximum comfort to everyone right from youngsters to the older people.

It has been made up of vitreous china material which is a ceramic material fired at very high temperatures to make a non porous body. The body then is coated with ceramic glaze for preventing the sticking of bacteria on the toilet bowl.

It employs a Cadet-3 flushing system which has a big 3 inches flushing valve and also with a chemical resistant flapper. It comes with complete installation components needed for coupling and tank trim and a trip lever. Its speed connect tank to bowl coupling system is very useful for quick assembly. Also it has a sanitary dam on toilet bowl with four point tank stabilization.

Evaluation of the toilet

This toilet makes your bathroom look more graceful. It uses only 6 litres or 1.6 gallons of water for every flush. So it saves lot of water. Your bathroom looks more spacious. It has great flushing system which almost never makes you flush twice.

This toilet works like a vacuum so when you flush it opens and grabs all waste including toilet paper and pulls everything down drain in just a few seconds. The bowl is emptied only to be refilled very quickly leaving you amazed.

More about the toilet

This toilet can be shipped to 48 contiguous states of US except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

This toilet has been given 4.4 stars of user rating at amazon. It will cost you around $500. It is a pricey toilet but full worth for every penny spent on, makes you forget all worries about cheap toilets for next many years.

To buy this toilet and know more about it click American Standard 2386.010.178 Cadet-3 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with 10-Inch Rough-In, Black

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