Amana ABB1921WEW Review

The Amana ABB1921WEW18 white refrigerator gets a healthy four out of five stars from Refrigerator Reviews 4 U, as it delivers on both price and functionality when compared to other fridge freezers of a similar capacity – which is just over 18 cubic feet. If you are thinking about buying this model, or simply want cheap Amana ABB1921WEW18 prices then please read my comprehensive Amana refrigerator review and also check the price comparison tab at the top for the most up to date and cheapest online deals.

Overview of the Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This Amana refrigerator isn’t their best model by any stretch, but it does have some great features considering the reasonably low price point. Below are the top features included with the ABB1921WEW18 fridge freezer, and then under that you can read my Amana refrigerator review and ratings where I assess and test all the functionality.

Top Features of the Amana ABB1921WEW18

  • ENERGY STAR Rated – Saves you Money
  • Temp Assure Freshness Controls – Keep Sections Fresh or Frozen
  • Reversible Door Swing – Set the Door to Open According to Your Kitchen
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Adjustable Door Bins – Set to Your Preference
  • Humidity Controlled Garden Fresh™ Crisper Drawers – For Veg and Fruit
  • Gallon Door Storage – Loads of Room for Milk, Juice, and Alcohol
  • Dairy Center – Cheese and Butters Within Easy Reach
  • EasyReach Freezer Door – Easy Access to Frozen Food
  • Freezer Door Bin – So You Can Access Common Foods Quickly
  • Upper Wire Freezer Shelf
  • Glide-Out Wire Lower Freezer Basket

Design and Style of the Amana Bottom Freezer Model

To look at, the Amana 18.5 cubic feet refrigerator isn’t ever going to win any style competitions, but what it lacks for in design, it does make up for basic core functionality which comes as a very competitive and cheap best price refrigerator.

What you are getting when you buy the Amana ABB1921WEW18 is a plain white unit with no bells and whistles on. The white finish isn’t simply plain white though. It has what I can only describe as a faux leather look to it, although it obviously doesn’t feel like leather – it’s almost like Amana have given it a slightly rippled surface finish.

The Amana ABB1921WEW18 does however solve one of the age-old issues that used to blight refrigerators, and that’s installing it only to find that the door is the wrong way around to suit your kitchen. You won’t have that worry with this fridge freezer as the doors can be set to open on either side.

From personal experience you can actually get started with the Amana refrigerator in less than fifteen minutes. From my tests there is no reason to let this one stand for 24 hours as some manufacturers and retailers will often state. I had cold temperatures after just a quarter of an hour. It’s also extremely quiet and doesn’t emanate any audible noises like some brands and models of fridge freezer tend to do.

Reviewing the Insides of the Amana ABB1921WEW18

Once you open up the Amana you will see why it rates so highly on Refrigerator Reviews 4 U. All of the shelves inside are fully adjustable meaning you can change the heights required for storing food, and there are also large door sections which will easily take three gallon-sized milk or juice cartons.

One drawback from my Amana ABB1921WEW18 review is the lack of any meat or cheese drawer which comes on many rival models. The solution here is to place any meats or cheeses in small plastic Tupperware containers instead and then store them on the lower shelving.

However, you will get the Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers which are ideal for your fruit and vegetables. These are in a slide-out format and it’s possible for you to set the temperature in these sections to a different number in order to keep everything crisp and fresh.

Every storage unit section within this refrigerator can be removed, which means you can easily clean the fridge whenever you like. In addition to that the shelves are all adjustable and one of them is covered, plus one long shelf across the bottom of the door.

No Water Dispenser or Ice Maker

Being a relatively cheap Amana refrigerator and also of a smaller capacity than larger units, you won’t find an external ice maker or water dispenser on the Amana ABB1921WEW18. However, should you wish to add an ice maker at a later date then there is more than enough room inside the Amana white fridge freezer to accommodate for one should you wish. Read on further below where I tell you where you can buy Amana ice dispensers – which are very easy to fit with little to no expertise.

The Bottom Freezer on the Amana White Refrigerator

The Amana’s freezer section is in the bottom part of the entire unit and so if you suffer from a bad back then you might not find it ideal having to bend down to access your frozen foods. However, the Amana ABB1921WEW18 does make a concession to that as the freezer compartment contains a large basket on the top within which you can store commonly used frozen foods.

The bottom freezer also comes with a shelf inside it which offers even more storage possibilities, but many fridges will actually come with two shelf units inside so you might view this as a compromise – as it lacks of making the best of the 18.5 cubic feet capacity. To put this whole arrangement into more detail, what you get is a freezer section where the wire basket pulls out, with the shelving unit just above it.

Buy Amana Ice Dispensers and Fit Separately

As I mentioned earlier, there is no ice dispenser with the Amana white refrigerator. However, there is the ability to add an ice machine into the freezer compartment should you so wish – although this will take up some of the space you have available. It’s possible to buy an Amana Ice Maker and Dispenser from Amana – click here for the cheapest prices.

Humidity & Temperature Controls on the Amana Fridge Freezer

Should you wish to adjust the temperature inside your Amana white ABB1921WEW18 refrigerator then you can use clearly marked digital controls that are at the front of the unit. The recommended temperature is on mark 4, but it’s possible to set it at a maximum of 7 should you need to – this is the coldest setting available.

The refrigerator and bottom freezer can be controlled separately as can the humidity. If you are unsure what the best setting is then the Amana uses small icons to help you which show different types of food.

On a negative aspect, having the temperature controls inside the fridge does take away some of the capacity that you could have used instead for food on that top shelf.

So perhaps for next time Amana could look to having digital controls on the exterior instead – and in fact they already do this one of their more premium models – you might want to read my Amana ASD2522WRB refrigerator review instead which has a rating of five stars from five.

Energy Efficient to Help Save on Bills

The Amana bottom freezer refrigerator is extremely energy efficient. Not only is it Energy Star qualified, ratified, and compliant but it also does a little bit extra to conserve energy. This is due to the freezer compartment being held in the bottom of the unit – in simple terms heat rises and cold falls (basic physics) so the refrigeration aspect will not affect the energy consumption of the freezer compartment below it.

Amana ABB1921WEW18 Review – Conclusion

This is a very practical, compact and cheap Amana refrigerator which will deliver on function, but unfortunately not style. What I love about it is how quiet it is and the energy efficiency. If I was to list a number of items that it is lacking in then I would say the following:

  • Shelves are not spill proof
  • You will need to buy an Ice Maker if you want one
  • There is no cheese and meat deli drawer
  • Perhaps better use of internal space and capacity

However, when you stack that up against what you do get, which I have detailed in my Amana white fridge review then I don’t believe this is anything less than a great value for money refrigerator. I am giving it a four star rating and have listed all the cheapest prices below should you wish to find out more information or just get the best online deal.


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